There is nothing wrong with wanting to read up on some Tesco Home Insurance Reviews before signing up with them. I think reading honest reviews will help you get a little bit of insight on how they really go about their business. Of course, when the company is trying to get you to purchase something from them, they will tell you all of their achievements and brilliance. They will refrain telling you the real deal or about some bad situations. However, reading a few bad reviews about a company shouldn’t also seal the deal. It could have been a one time deal or just one unsatisfied customer making a lot of negative reviews. Point is, you should always keep an open mind when reading reviews.


Here are some reviews about Tesco.


“They have charged me over £300 just because i used to go to my brother’s house often, and they investigate my car was parked there even though I explained all estory and show thdm prove of my address such, gaz/electric bills, v5 registration, driving license all was registered at my address but they forced me to change my address to my brother address or my insurance will be cancelled so they can charge me 300 plus pounds and when I tried to cancel it they come up with another 300£ which includes £80 cancellation fee and any usage mileage! Do not go with this company i refer my complaint to financial ombudsman services now, where they dealing with my complaint:) i have to also say that i have had an argument with my brother just around that time so i dnt see him anymore and tesco box and premium credit are sending all my documents to my brothers address now! What a great company????” – Hadi


“The automated insurance renewal is somewhat dubious. I received renewal notice and the amount it would cost. Thinking it a bit expensive i looked online and found the same product, offered by the same company at considerably less cost. When i called the operator he was a little embarrassed and said a number of people had the same experience. After the conversation it was agreed i would pay the amount quoted online. I thought loyalty was supposed to be beneficial but alas its just a way to make more money out of people who trust a provider” – David


“I think Tesco Home Insurance is very good value for money,and everything is simple to understand.I would recommend Tesco Home Insurance to other people.I have had no problems with the company straight forward .” – Colin


“didn’t receive any paper documents. once my payment was taken for whole year. have not had one email or heard from them.” – Anonymous

“I have not had any contact with Tesco bank, but they sent me everything I needed when I first got my insurance.

The one thing I would like, is to be able to view my account with them. I have never seen information that tells me to go here and you can view your account.

I like that the insurance I have with them covers everything and I don’t have to worry about my breakdown cover separately.” – Ian


“I have been with Tesco a few months. My card and PIN arrived promptly, as did my first two statements. When I had an issue with non-receipt of a service I’d paid for, I got through to someone immediately and they were very helpful. However, I have now not received a bill for two months; I did not ever actually see a penny back of the payment I reported; and they declared a balance of nearly £600 to a credit score company despite my actual balance being just £37, which impacted my credit score and could affect my upcoming mortgage application. All downhill after the first two months, sadly!” – Tegan Bekka Hughes


What do you think of Tesco now that you have read those reviews above? Will you still be purchasing your home insurance from them?


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