Here is everything that you need to know about how to file or report or make a claim at Tesco Home Insurance. It seems that you have chosen Tesco Bank for your home insurance needs, so one skill that you must know is how you will be able to file a claim. When we say claim or insurance claim, we are talking about a formal request to an insurance company to ask for a payment or some people call this as reimbursement to what has been agreed on in terms of the insurance policy. After you have filed your claim, you will have to wait for a bit for the company to check the validity of your claim. Then if everything goes well, you will be paid, or your property will be taken care of.


Tesco Bank understands that making a claim can be stressful, especially at the height of an accident. However, Tesco Bank cannot be able to assist you if they have no idea of your situation. The sooner you report what has happened to them, the sooner they will be able to help you. For this reason, they have also made calling in to report a claim easier with their 24 hour UK-based claims telephone number. Did the company give you some kind of schedule? Please check it to know which one is your insurer.



Tesco Underwriting LTD    0345 677 7222


AXA Insurance UK plc    0330 024 0387

Towergate Underwriting Group LTD  0330 123 5543



Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Inc   0345 078 7535


Legal & General Insurance LTD   0345 070 1307


Once you have identified your insurer, be sure to include your policy number which can also be found on the schedule that was given to you. After calling, the company will register you claim, confirm what you have been covered for and give you a claim number to quote. Next, they will walk you through the steps of what will follow. They will also be confirming what excesses will apply. I am referring to the amount you will pay towards any claim.


Once that has all been settled, the company will be doing any of the the following three options below:

  1. Arrange for repairs to be carried outThis will of course be done by certified builders of the company. They won’t just pick anybody who knows how to differentiate a hammer from a nail. They have builders that they trust to do a wonderful job when it comes to repairing your home. You will be able to trust these builders as much as you can trust the Tesco Bank company.
  2. Arrange to replace any lost, damaged, and stolen items directly to youThe replacements won’t be lost or stolen again because they will be handed directly to you. This could be done quicker if you have a list of items or a home inventory. You can do this as soon as or during the time you are still signing up with the company. Don’t wait for something to be stolen before you decide to create an inventory of your home items. There are some companies that require you having pictures of the items so they can see that it was really yours and you were using it. This could be an actual good reason to take a quick selfie with your laptop.
  3. Pay you the cash value of the lost, damaged, or stolen itemThis is for those who don’t want an actual replacement of the item, but just want to get some money for it. I believe you can request this but I’m not too sure. It would be safe to talk to an insurance agent about this.

Here are some more emergency numbers that you must know:

Tesco Bank Home Insurance product Customers  |   0330 123 1963

Finest Home Insurance Customers |   0330 123 01964


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