Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

It is a must for a potential customer to read up on some actual reviews about a company so here are some honest reviews about Progressive Home Insurance. We saved you the trouble of looking for them on the internet. I urge each one of you to keep an open mind as we read on the reviews, especially if it is a bad review. The purpose of this is to simply inform you. We believe that by being informed, you will be able to come to a reasonable decision that you will feel safe about. Here are the reviews:

“I really don’t have much to say about them because I really didn’t have to use them for anything. I think they are a good company to have. They are always there to answer your questions. I can’t say anything about them because like I said I really didn’t have to use them yet. They always had their documents here on time and made sure they explained everything to you if you need it too. I would recommend them to anybody. They are nice people when you call them up to explain something for you. They are a good company to deal with. So if I had to pick a homeowners insurance I would pick them. I am happy that I have them and will always have them for a long time. Very nice people to have to explain everything for you and very courteous to you.”¬†

“They offer a decent price for the area. They are always there to help when called. They offer great products and good customer service. They offer cheap prices and will always be there to help. They provide enough coverage that I know I am covered if something were to ever happen.”

“Don’t waste your money or time with this company. You never know how good is your insurance until the day you actually need it. And this was the worse experience ever. Do yourself a favor and don’t get attracted for lower prices. If you ever get into an accident they will only repair the cheapest parts, the rest they will tell you that was already damaged prior the accident.”

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“I’ve been paying homeowners since I purchased my house in ’02..never missed a payment. I switched to progressive because farmers raised their rates and a friend liked them. My house burned down three days ago and I just found out they cancelled my policy without telling me 6 months ago. They claim to have notified my mortgage company, but they have no record. Nor did I ever receive certified mail and they cannot show me any proof they tried to make contact on a policy I had set up as an automatic I always do. Once a year. So I’m screwed. I’ve lost everything and they’d like to reinstate the policy.I think not.”

“This company overcharged me $30,000 over the course of eight years. They admit it, but will not do anything about it. They said I should have realized “their” error at the beginning. I did call them to ask about it in 2008, but they assured me that they correctly valued my home. In actuality, they overvalued the replacement cost by 60 percent. Sixty percent. Unbelievable.

When I got them to finally admit their error, they said they would correct it going forward, but would do nothing about the years of overcharges. I went with this company when my old insurer went under. I live in New Orleans and in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and others, few companies were writing insurance. I had the bad luck to pick this one. Terrible, terrible company. Stay far, far away.”

Upon reading all of that, what do you think about Progressive now? You can drop us a comment or hit us up with a message if you want to discuss or have questions that needs to be answered. You can also  call Progressive themselves at 1-855-347-3939.

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