Progressive Home Insurance Claims

Progressive Home Insurance Claims

If you have signed on with Progressive Home Insruance, it is a must that you know how to report or request a claim from them. You can do it online! You will just have to connect to the internet and find their claims page. Progressive promised that once you file a claim they will be all hands on to try and get your life back on track. Isn’t this the reason why you got an insurance anyway? For someone to help you and you can depend on in times of need.


Once you have filed a claim, you will undergo three processes. First, you will have to choose the service center that you prefer and you can just drop your car off there for repairs. Once it is in the shop, Progressive agents will take it from you so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can get your car back on the road up to two days faster. You will also be able to get updates in real time on what is happening with your claim. You will get regular, no fuss, easy to understand updates as your car goes through the process. And finally, you can have a peace of mind knowing that repairs with Progressive are guaranteed. You will have your car back. It is basically the same process when it comes to your home, except that you won’t have to drive it to a service center.


Okay so the first thing you should do when something happens in your home is to make sure that no one is hurt, and no one will be getting hurt further. Be sure to secure the area with ropes, signs, or covers that will alert other people that something is broken there. Don’t forget to take pictures of the site before doing so. If you feel that you should call the authorities or the medics, then feel free to do so. Don’t forget to include their response number (if they have) or the department that responded to your call. Finally, you should file your claim at the website or give them a call at 1-855-347-3939.


Be sure to give all the information that your insurance company will want. You should make sure that you know the time the damage to your house happened, and be ready to provide a short description on what happened. Coordinate with your insurance provider. They will most probably send someone to come and check out the damage that happened to your home.

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Having a home insurance is great because you have someone who is ready to back you up in case something bad happens. Here are some advises for you when it comes to purchasing your own home insurance. You have to know if the area you are living at is prone to floods or earthquakes so that you can add a flood insurance or an earthquake insurance. If you own a condominium, a home insurance might not be the right one for you. You may want to look into the condo insurance policy that Progressive offers. Don’t forget to check with your board to see what time of policy is required. And if you are a renter, you may want to go with a renters insurance instead of a home insurance.


While you are on the process of purchasing a home insurance, you should take some time to make a thorough home inventory that is up-to-date. You will be needing this when you make a claim settlement so don’t forget to do this. With a complete home inventory, your insurance company will be able to verify property easier which is great for you. Plus, with a home inventory, you will also be able to verify losses for your income tax return with an updated home inventory. Win win!


Don’t forget those tips and don’t forgot to subscribe to Best Insurance Deals! If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or hit us up with a message. Have a great day!

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