Best Auto Insurance Deals

Best Auto Insurance Deals

If it’s your first time to own a car, it’s important for you to realize – as early as now – the importance of getting the best auto insurance deals for you and your car. Do you really need it? Is it a necessity? Or an additional expense for your wallet? Can you drive the road without it? Yes, you can continue driving down the road without a car insurance. You’ll be fine. That is until you get into a car accident and need money to pay off the damages you caused. When you say car insurance, it refers to the policy brought by the car owners to mitigate cost associated with getting into an accident. What happens here is that instead of pulling out money directly from your pocket, the company where you have purchased a car insurance from will be the one who will be taking care of the costs that ia brought about by the car accident. Depending on the policy you’ve agreed upon, but most of the time, it also works for when your car gets stolen or any encounter really that is connected with your car or you getting a claim.

Below are five of the best considered auto insurance companies in the United States. This is according to the website:, which they have based on the affordability of the policy, the service value, and the company’s responsiveness when the going gets tough. I think the last part is the most important thing, what’s the use of having an affordable policy when they give you shitty service and are slow to respond when you need them.



They’ve been around since 1912 and since then have been providing board, useful, and competitively-priced insurance products and services to meet their costumers needs as it changes with time. This is exactly the reason why this company is now considered as the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States since 2013. Not only do they offer insurance that will take care of your family like home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance but they also offer their customers business insurance like commercial property to specialty risk and workers compensation. The best thing about Liberty Manual is that they allow their costumer to do business with them in whatever way the costumer sees fit. They can be contacted easily through their website, their call center, through an agent or broker, or their representatives from a network of regional independent agent companies.



With over 3,000 associates nationwide, 17 offices around the country, 43 states with access to their reliable car insurance, 24/7 costumer service from friendly experts, with only 10 days or less to settle most vehicle damage claims and with over 5 million vehicles insured, you can count on Esurance to give you the auto insurance that best fits you. They have made it their mission to     create and provide insurance for the modern world. They are committed to be the leading provider of insurance products and services for today.

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“Get the protection you need at a price you can afford.” You can report a claim online using a mobile app so it’s easier for you, or through your agent. If you encounter a damage on your car, you may choose where to get it repaired or from one of their select service agencies, which can provide great repairs and guaranteed completion dates.



They have been around for 1931, and was founded by Robert E. Wood with the goal to bring quality and service to auto insurance. They have trained women who have been left by men during the world war two to become Allstate agents. They have programs that help teens improve their driving skills even if they are distracted with other things like texting. They have also been getting involved in community activities and helping when a disaster strikes.

  • ) GEICO


GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. This company serves more than 13 million auto policies in force and growing. They are considered as the second largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States. One of the fastest-growing major auto insurers. GEICO has also been supporting the military and has given men and women the most affordable insurance options. This company also offers more than car insurance such as boat, RV, ATV, and motorcycle, homeowners, renters, condo, co-op, and mobile home insurance. Personal umbrella protection, life insurance, flood insurance, overseas insurance, business owners policy, professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, collector car insurance, collectibles insurance, and identity theft insurance.

Of course there are other companies you should consider such as Progressive, AAA, USAA, Nationwide, and the 21st Century Insurance. You could also check them out in their each respectable websites, and find the best insurance company that best fits you. You could search the internet for websites which compare quotes from different insurance companies all over the country to find the best deal of auto insurance for you. Doing so allows you to have many more options to find the insurance that best fits you, and not someone like you. You can also contact a local independent agent, since they have a lot more knowledge about different company policies compared to those agents who have been hired solely by one company alone. However if you already have a specific company in mind, it might be better for you to contact a agent that works specifically for that company since they most probably know the company policies like the back of their hand. Also be sure to read up about the company you have chosen, and also pay attention to reviews being written about the company by past and present costumers. You can enter forums and gather information about that company. In a forum, you can share insights and ask questions to people who have also been searching for answers.

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