Here are some reviews about Reliance Life Insurance! What do people have to say about them? What were the experiences of those insured with them? Hopefully, through reading them, you will be able to learn a bit more about the company and how they have handled things in the past. Don’t let one positive review or one negative review seal the deal for you though! Keep an open mind as you read them.




Positive Reviews

“The best thing about Reliance Life is that their people clarify all the policy details.” – Ajit Singh Varma | Professional

” In my experience, Reliance Life has the best after-sales service. Its SMS based services keep me informed at all times.” – Pooja Mishra ¬†Professional

“Reliance Life is a lot better than other insurance companies. They have given me in-depth information on all their policies.” – Faiyazul Haque | Professional

“I have also taken a super endowment policy with Reliance life insurance. The services are excellent from them. The best and unique benefit of them is that the maturity value is given on the bond. The tenure for the policy is for 20 years. The payments are on a yearly basis. It can be paid online.” – Khammam

From reliance i have taken a short term insurance plan for five years. I went to the branch and took the plan . The rep explained all the details and benefit about the plan. After the maturity will get the minimum assured amount and rest will be depend upon the particular year market rate.”

“Nothing much I get like benefits. It is infact it is annual premium and satisfied so far. There is accidental coverage and death coverage. In the both the cases the coverage would be 31lakhs. Very good returns as I guess it would be double. Just interacted for a single time as got the life insurance of Reliance Life from my friend.”

Negative Reviews

“I have purchased a policy from Reliance Life Insurance in which i am suppose to pay 1 lack annually and was assured that i will get the dividend with in the period of 90-120 days around 3.74 lack, and i bought the policy on the same condition but unfortunately came to now that there is no Dividend kind of thing I request you to kindly take necessary action against the company through which my policy has made and also Reliance life insurance company.
The Reliance company was also told by us that if there is no dividend then please dont process for the same but they have cheated me . It is a humble request to kindly cancel the license for the brokers company from where the policy has issued Agent code no is 22151231 / Agent /Broker name is JAIN INSURANCE BROKERS PVT LTD.

Warm Regards
Kamal Advani

“I deposit Rs. 90,000 in reliance life insurance but after five years i got only Rs.70,000 which is not acceptable. They have large documentation while getting the maturity but during the activation there was less documentation.. For the past two months i am trying to get the amount and there was also not ready to give response when we visit the branch .”

“It was my first policy after I started working. I not aware about the policy and that was beginning. I got information from one of my friends an preferred for life insurance. I did not get good benefits from Reliance Life insurance. They told something else but when I go through it is totally different. I feel that they are not transparent. They don’t have track records. I tried call them when felt like change in a policy but no one responded. When I went to their office I did not get good response.”

What do you think of Reliance Life Insurance company now after reading all of those reviews? Would sign up with them?

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