If you are looking for some legit customer reviews for Max Life Insurance, then your search has ended. Today we have gathered some of the most honest reviews about the company. Just a word of advice though, don’t let one bad review seal the deal about your decision for a certain company. Or let a good review seal the deal. It would be best to keep an open mind while you are reading. Experience is the greatest teacher, but it doesn’t have to really be your experience right? If you feel confused to doubtful because of a review, it would be best to talk to someone about the review. You can drop us a comment below or send us a message. We would love to help out! Anyway, here are some reviews we have found.


“I had applied for the policy on persuasion of the MaxLife Agent(Mr. Gaurav Jain, MaxLife Nagpur). First of all instead of one policy he splitted into two for showing numbers so that he gets more commission.

Secondly and most important – when I received my policy documents, I found that my signatures were copied/forged. On seeing this I called up the agent immediately and asked why did he do this. He said – Sir, you should not worry. We do this for all who do not belong to same city where we are. He accepted his fault and tried to suppress it.

I immediately asked for policy cancellation and full refund. He denied the full refund and said that you would get amount after certain deductions. I raised this issue to the head of the branch(Mr. Manish Nath – Maxlife Nagpur). I followed with all of these guys to get a full refund but no one confirmed. At the end, I tweeted Maxlife and on FB too. Then they came into action and in the fear offered me complete refund and action.

I got my refund but I asked them for compensation of my loss. I have put in lot of time following this, went through stress and lost my peace for months. They did not come back on this and neither did they take any action on concerned officers. I demand compensation for my loss and request people to avoid taking any policies from MaxLife Insurance.” – Anupkes


“HI Support Team,

My policy number is 701059093 -ULIP balanced fund .I have raised multiple follow up complaints on customer care support in regards to my policy -Complaint number 16257146 .Each time they assured that resolution will be done .The provided resolution as money will be refunded exceptionally on my request and will be sent in form of cheque in 7working days .The request was to not allocate money deducted from my account as ECS towards my fund and instead refund it as I didnt get any communication of ECS deduction before deduction date 8-Jan-2016 .on Feb -5 representative confirmed that the money is not allocated and is in process of refund and I should wait for 7 working days to get cheque complaint number 16390605 was given for that .Today when I called to know status of my request it was mentioned that the refund may not be possible as funds are allocated already .However after discussion he asked me to wait for call back .It’s been almost a month I am struggling to get my own hard earned money and Max life insurance is just not resolving my query .I will not be recommending Max life insurance products hence forth .Please suggest if you can help me on this reqards

Suchit” – Suchit Kulkarni

“Earlier it was like Max Newyork life and now it is Max life insurance. It is a market based policy and after ten years they give the amount. Also they give accidental coverage of 10 lakhs. If anything happens they give coverage. They gave some benefits in the year of 2008 while taking the life insurance. It is a market based so I will not refer.”  – Ashok Chan



“One of the known persons is there at the Max Life and simply took from his guidance the life insurance. Yearly I pay 8k and benefits are plenty. During accident and in health it would help. After my age of 60 I get something per month. Return ratio is about 3lakhs. They called for assistance and also sending letters stating the insurance details.” – Kdevender

MAX life has the mind blowing insurance plan . I have taken a plan for the tenure of 20 years but the paying term of just 6 years. After the maturity will get the lump sum amount with bonus. Risk coverage is also good. Premium charged are nominal.” – Shibalal T.

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