Max Life Insurance is one of the best companies in India, and to improve their services, they have open a new service that allows customers to purchase life insurance online. You see, it is their vision to be the most admired life insurance company by securing the financial future of their customers. They promise that they are a honest life insurance that is committed into doing what is right for their customers. Through the years, it would seem like the company has reached their goal because they are currently the largest life insurer among the privately held non-banking companies in the country. Max Life is great because they are able to offer their customers comprehensive life insurances and as well as retirement solutions for long-term savings and protection.


Now as I said above, Max Life has opened a new life insurance plan for their customers which is called, “Max Life Online Term Plans”. What is it? And how will you be able to sign up for it? This insurance coverage will fall between traditional insurance policies but it will also fall under linked plans. You sort of get the best of two worlds, and you will be able to enroll to this life insurance coverage online. No need to commute to the city! All you will need is an internet connection.

The first thing that you will do would be to look for their website. Once you have found it, you will be able to click on the button that will allow you to purchase a life insurance online. After you have clicked it, it will bring you to another page that is dedicated solely for their online life insurance plan. Under this, you will find three choices which are:

  • Basic Life Cover. This is a pure term plan that comes with competitive premium rates. The premium under this cover are less with 1 cr life insurance cover. You will be paying 7,400 Lakhs annually.If you are nervous and worried about the security of your family’s future without you, this may be the life insurance plan to stomp on your worries and provide you with a peace of mind. This is a pure solution for your loved ones that comes at a very affordable price. You will also be able to avoid the hassle of tedious paper works and easily get a life insurance protection for yourself online.Here are the benefits of this cover:

    – High Sum Assured Discounts
    – 30 day free look period
    – Hassle free online application without paper works
    – Additional protection through Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider
    – 100% Sum Assured as lump sum on death
    – This will be able to reward you with a healthy lifestyle. It comes with low premium rates for non-smokers.

  • Life Cover Plus Monthly Income Plan. This plan will be offering you twin benefits of a Sum Assured as well as a level income every month so that you may put your worries to rest knowing that your family will be well provided for when you are gone. To make it simple, your family will also get a fixed income that they can avail for 10 years after you have passed on. Sadly, there is no maturity benefit for this plan.Here are the benefits of this cover:- 100%  Sum Assured as lump sum on death plus a level monthly income for ten years
    – An additional protection through Max Life Comprehensive Accident Benefit Rider
    – A hassle free online application process without the paper works.
    – A 30 days free look period
    – High Sum Assured discounts.
    – This will also be rewarding your for a healthy lifestyle.
    – Low premium rates for non-smokers.
  • Life Cover Plus Increasing Monthly Income Plans. This plan will provide a Sum Assured payable on your death and also a monthly income for ten years. It sounds just like the second one right? But the difference here is that this one will increase. I’m talking about the income that your family can get.Here are the benefits of this cover:
    – The same with the one above but your income increases every year at 10%


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