Everything that you need to know about Max Life Insurance, you will be able to find here. We believe in the power of an informed choice. The only time that you should make a decision is when you are knowledgeable about certain things – the important ones. Choosing a life insurance partner is a big deal and a decision that requires to be thought about over and over again until you are very sure of it. Max Life Insurance is a company that you will grow to love and admire.


Max Life began in the year 2001. In this year, they were able to sell their first ever policy which is still active as of today, launch whole life, term and endowment policies, open their first general office, and exceed 1000 Crore in Sum Assured.


In 2002, Max Life was able to sell 100,000 individual policies, start a rural distributorship network in Punjab, attend first MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) meeting, and finally launch level term children’s endowment products. They did that just for the first two years of their business.


In 2003, they were able to form the first Bancassurance relationship, announce their first bonus to policyholders, complete 100 Crore of AFYP (Annual First Year Premium), receive the first corporate agency relationship ISO 9000:2001 certification, and launched ‘retirement par endowment’ product.


In 2004, there was only one significant event which was the launching of their Life Maker. This is their first unit linked product. In 2005, the company managed to complete 500 Crore of AFYP and launch the Money Back, Future Builder, and Bonus Builder policies.


2006 was a good year for the company because in this year, they were able to sell more than one million policies, cross 200 MDRTs, crossed 1000 Crore of total revenue, opened their 100th general office, and launched pay endowment for semi-urban ULIPs. But little did they know that 2007 was even better.


In 2007 they were able to place in the top 3 in Asia insurance industry awards for Life Insurance Company of the year! They launched ULIP retirement, ULIP children, and ULIP endowment products. They also managed to cross 1000 Crore of AFYP and 2500 Crore of Total revenue, set up a dedicated operation centre, sell more than 2 million policies, and opened their 200th general office. They were also able to cross 300 MDRTs and inaugurate dedicated operations centre.


In 2008, they were able to cross pay-up their capital of 1,000 Crore and enter the health insurance segment.


In 2009, they were able to launch their first universal life product, receive CIO 100 Technology Award. They were also awarded the Gallup Great Work Place Award, the super brand status, and the Asia Insurance Industry “Innovation of the year” award.


In 2010, they had a new ULIP range launch, Axis bank tie up, and turned profitable.


In 2011, the company was able to reach their 1 Billion USD mark in total revenue and recorded it’s maiden shareholders profit. They were also able to become the biggest non bank private life insurance company in India.


In 2012, the company was renamed to “Max Life Insurance Co., LTD”.


In 2013, they announced its foray into the E-commerce space with the launch of their ‘Max Life Online Term Plan’.


Max Life Insurance has a wide range of Life Insurance Plans that you can choose from. They understand that everyone dreams of a secure future, in fact, they dream with you. One of the easiest ways to make it happen is through life insurance, of course. You can choose between the following:

  1. Online Term Plan:     This will help secure your family from the uncertainties of life. This will protect your family and take good care of their financial needs in your absence.
  2. Child Plans:      Do you have a child? This will help your child follow his or her dreams. This will help ensure that money will be their to help your child reach his maximum potential.
  3. Protection Plans:    Even if you aren’t around, you can make sure that your family will have all their needs meet.
  4. Growth Plans:     This plan will help grow your money to help you life the life that you deserve.
  5. Retirement Plans:    You will grow old so you better be prepared for it. Be sure that you will still be living your life confidently and independently.
  6. Savings Plans:     If you have long term goals, then let Max Life will ensure that you will be able to save up for them.
  7. Group Plans:    This is great if you are an employer and you have a big business. This will be a great way to show your employees that you care about them.

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