If you are looking for a holiday insurance, it may be about time for you to compare the market. Comparing prices and coverage is a great move as it help you find the best one there is for you. It allows you to see the best one for you, and that’s always a good thing. Somehow after comparing, you will feel more and more confident that you made the right decision.

There are some websites or companies which help you compare insurance companies with each other easily. They partner with different insurance companies and then they will be the one to find the best suited policy for you that their partner companies offer. You don’t have to go from different companies just to find the right one. You just need to go to one destination.

It’s easier, faster, and less hassle!

  • INSUREMYTRIPThis company was founded in 2000 by Jim Grace, who was an avid sailor and a licensed pilot. He decided that he was going to help in comparing travel insurance options and in making informed decisions with travelers. Did you know that InsureMyTrip is the first major travel insurance comparison website in the world? Research shows that more than 2 million travelers trust and love this company. They trust this company to get them the right insurance for their needs all the time.

    Why should you choose them?

    The reason is simple: they do it right. They promise you no false promises, no red tape, or fine print “gotchas”. ¬†They understand that the purpose of you purchasing a holiday insurance is for your peace of mind, and that comes from your ability to trust people. The guarantee that once you’ve worked with them you are going to think they are the best.

    They are partners with the companies: AIG Travel Guard, Allianz Global Assistance, April, AXA Assistance USA, CSA Travel Protection, Geo Blue, Global Alert, Global Underwriters, HCC Medical Insurance, HTH Worldwide, IMT Services, InsureAndGo, Insure Assist, and a lot more. You are sure to find something right for you.

    Their comprehensive plan is the most popular one. It covers trip cancellation, trip interruption, cancel for any reason (optional), baggage, medical, dental, pre-existing conditions, evacuation, accident, and 24-hour assistance. However, it is only good for a single trip. You will need to purchase again if you want.

  • CONFUSEDThis is a simple comparison site. They make it easy for you to find the right deal for your car, home, life, and even travel insurance. They also cater for comparison of credit cards and other financial services, a range of household utilities, and a whole lot more. When you compare quotes with them, it will cost you nothing. The price that you will see are not estimates, but are actual prices of what you will be paying for. If InsureMyTrip was the first comparison website for travel insurances, Confused was the first ever comparison site for car insurances, but they have widened their scope.

Thanks to the different sites that allow you to compare the market, finding the right holiday insurance for you is easier! If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message! It would be our pleasure to find the answers for you. Have a nice day!

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