If you are interested in purchasing a home insurance from Geico, you may want to read up on some positive and not so positive reviews first. I believe that the more we are knowledgeable or informed about something, then the more that we will be able to make sound decisions that are actually really good for us. However, it is also important that we keep an open mind whenever we read reviews.Reviews were written based on a personal experience. Another person’s experience could be different from yours, but at least, knowing what their experience was could give you an insight that this happen and if it will happen to you, you will be able to cope better. They say that experience is the best teacher, but they never said that it has to be your experience right?


In an effort to help you, we have search the depths of the internet for some honest reviews about the company. Here they are:


“Although I may go with Geico, it will be after more research. But as for the experience of getting a quote I was very disappointed. It seems they work on the hard sell practice. I was having difficulty with the online quote so I called. The agent was pleasant through the process and did save me considerable money. Till I told him I had to talk to my wife before changing companies. I guess they want you to buy right away! As he kept pushing and would not take later for an answer, his tone changed slightly each time I resisted. As a result I was forced to hang up. I do plan on talking to my wife. Then my sister in law who has them before calling back. I hope I’m not blackballed for this review.” – Bill of Coventry


“They were very helpful when my car was totaled by a drunk driver. They explained the claim process very well and paid the claim fast. They were very courteous when I had questions and did not treat me like I was asking stupid questions.” – Darlene of Jersey City


“I have been cancelled on twice because of mistakes they made that they were supposed to fix and call me back after to follow through with me about and didn’t. This place is a complete joke and all they could say was “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” instead of fixing the issues.”  Clarice of Athol


“We had water leak and repaired basement, hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets. Response from Geico is very very slow. I don’t like Geico insurance anymore. And more over increased my monthly payments every renewal. I do not recommend Geico to my friends or family in New Jersey area.” — Deepak of Somerset


“I have been a Geico customer for about 3 years now. I have only had one small comprehensive glass claim that was handled very smoothly and quickly. Good service every time I have called with a question, great call center employees and smooth and painless online experience with the app. I don’t have to talk to them often, and with insurers, that’s always a good thing. They take care of their end of the bargain and have always charged me a very reasonable premium for full comp/collision. Geico rocks.” – Kegan of Tempe


“I rang these people up to put in a claim as we had a leaking roof after the recent snowstorm. They said they could not do anything till the following week and gave me a claims no… Unfortunately I misplaced the bit of paper with the claims no. on it. I tried for two hours trying to ring all their numbers and even searched their site and my policy for a record of this claims no. but to no avail. I finally managed to get an email address to write to – and someone called Tiffany responded. She must not have been a ‘real’ person as she kept giving me the same information in her emails – call this no., select Option 1 and then Option 3 to get to the claims dept which is ALWAYS open according to her. But she was clearly lying as no one picked up the phone, all I got was a recorded message and then they hung up.” – Ruben of Yorktown


“Spoken with the customer rep. which was good then had to recall them again on the next day and I have gotten totally different statement along with payment after explaining to them that I had already agree with the previous customer rep and they said it was noted in the system, appeared they lie, and inform GEICO said they don’t keep record of what was noted. GEICO is a scam and not value to customers.” – Ayanna of Townsend


Having read all of that, what do you think of Geico now?


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