If you are considering on getting a home insurance from Geico, it would probably do you good if you can have an idea of how much your possible quote would be. This way you will be able to prepare for it.Good thing nowadays is that most insurance companies allow their potential customers to calculate or see how much their quote could be through an online quote generator. You will find this on most company’s websites. On Geico’s website, you will be able to see this immediately when you get to their home page.


Just like most insurance companies, you will have to enter a valid ZIP code to be able to get a quote. You see, the quote is being influenced by a lot of different factors, like your ZIP code for example, but it could also simply be some sort of survey on which state purchases the most home insurance from them. By saying this though, doesn’t mean that I am denying the fact that your quote can be influenced by where you live, because it can. In fact, here are some factors that can influence the rate of your home insurance.

  1. State of your homeThis will include the age of your house and it’s currently condition. If you home is old, then you can expect that your home insurance is a little pricier compared to other people’s. Just like a human body, the older we get, the more we deteriorate. This is the same with houses, and that is exactly why old houses need a bigger coverage compared to newly built ones.
  2. Location of your homeI am not talking about the ZIP code alone but your full address. What type of neighborhood do you live in? Are the cases of burglary high in your neighborhood? If it is, then this can cause an increase in your home insurance rate. It would be best to remember that home insurance doesn’t only cover the structure of the home itself, but also the contents of the house.
  3. Added LuxuryIf you have a pool or you collect antiques or special limited edition stamps that are of high value, then ¬†this can cause an increase in your home insurance quote. Let’s discuss more on the pool, if someone gets injured or drowns in your pool, you will be liable for him or her. It is a must that you secure a fence around your pool. Stolen antiques also cost a lot so it is only sensible for you to have a higher rate so that the insurance company will be able to cover it perfectly.
  4. Home Based BusinessesWorking at home is great. It’s easy and convenient but the coverage for an insurance is bigger because the insurance company will be protecting two things which is your home and your business.

How to get a quote from Geico?


As I said, when you go to their homepage, you will be seeing there an orange “Get A Quote” button which you can click on once you have inputted your ZIP code on the space provided. Be sure to click on homeowners. This will bring you to the next page which is a series of forms that you have to fill up.


The first page will be all about you. Customer information is important, and you must answer all the forms honestly. Lying about certain things may get you banned from the company if you are found out, or you will be asked to pay. Either way, it can never end good for you so it would be best for all if you are honest. You will have to fill up your full name, date of birth, full address, and your desired date on when the coverage will start. You may notice that the City, State, ZIP code, and county has already been filled up.


Next you will be asked about your residence and some questions about the property that you want insured as well. You need to have some basic information about your property so that you will be able to answer truthfully. You should also be aware of the Fire Districts in your neighborhood because Geico will be asking you which fire department will respond if ever a fire breaks out of your place. If you have finished answering everything, you can now proceed with your quote. Don’t worry, if you aren’t pleased with your quote, you can simply cancel it.



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