Today, I have prepared some honest reviews about Direct Line Home Insurance. When reading through the reviews, I’d want you to keep an open mind. Reviews are not a sure tell that a company is really good or a company really sucks. Think of it as having a little sneak peak on how the company handled a certain situation before. They say that experience is the best teacher, but nobody said that you had to experience it yourself, right?



“I have received excellent customer service from Direct Line. We are in the process of moving house and have had a period of time when we needed both houses insured. They arranged it very easily with a minimal amount of fuss and at a very reasonable rate. They even extended the period of cover for both for an extra 30 days at no extra charge. They have made insurance cover easy at a time of great stress for us.
Regarding their car insurance I am also very impressed. We had a friend looking after our house and pets while we were away for a weekend. With one simple call they put her on our car policy for £3.18!” – Sandra Leverett

“I have just had a renewal letter from Direct Line stating that my home insurance is £600 a year. Luckily I checked it and felt that I was being ripped off! They say in the letter that there is no need to contact them as they will automatically renew it. I tried ringing them to discuss why the policy was so expensive as we have been with them for 7 years and never had a claim.unfortunately it is almost impossible to get through to customer service. My husband filled in their house insurance on line and was quoted £230 with all the extras we needed. I cannot understand why they penalise loyal customers and offer deals to new customers. I eventually got through to customer service after a 20 minute wait on the phone. I have cancelled the policy and would advise anyone looking for insurance to go to Compare the Market. We have been given a cheaper quote a saving of £38 a month for exactly the same cover. DO NOT Use DIRECT LINE for your insurance.” – Liz


“My advice to anyone considering or renewing their home insurance with Direct Line is don’t! I had a new bathroom fitted last year and unbeknown to me the bath was not fitted correctly resulting in water seeping behind and under the bath. Only noticed this recently due to wet coming through onto the plaster in the bedroom next door. The company who fitted the bathroom has unfortunately ceased to trade. I contacted Direct Line, my insurer but they will not cover anything for bad workmanship, which covers anything in my opinion. May I add that I have never made a claim in 40 years. Also looking at my policy, this year they had inserted an excess of £350 for water damage which was not in the previous year policy. As stated above, my advice is to find a better insurer” – Brian Roocroft


We were burgled in London. Luckily they only got into one room but still took tv, DVD, PS3, DVD collection, handbag etc got stolen. direct line were actually really helpful and supportive. They replaced new for old – they just asked for a list of DVD’s and games that went missing and sourced everything they could – more obscure ones they gave us a cash settlement. All our electricals they sent new replacements. I’ve been burgled before and that insurance company (nationwide) were awful – queried everything and made it worse than the robbery.

Anyway we were very grateful that it made a terrible experience less bad and I have been with them ever since.” – Miss Arnold


“I recently got a home insurance renewal from Direct Line for over £800. I went online and quote a quote from them for £950+ . Then using the exact same information with my wife’s name, the quote was under £300. I was told the individual person had nothing to do with the price, only claim and property information. After a complaint and the company looking into the issue it seems that they ‘align’ online quotes so you only see the rip off renewal price and not the price a new customer would pay. Direct Line effectively tried to rip me off hundreds of pounds for the exact identical insurance. Funny then that after complaining I got another online quote from them in my name and the price was OVER £1400 for the top level. I changed one letter in my name and the price was below £400. I must be on a ‘suckers’ list of customers who auto renew, as I have for the last few years. The person I spoke to in complaints said he had never come across this in over 10 years, which is very difficult to believe. No one ever checking their auto renew price online….. really.

I would give them no stars.
Loyalty does not pay
Avoid Direct Line, there is lots of choice of better performing companies.” – Stella



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