Here are all the information that you need to know about Direct Line’s Home Insurance Policy. We believe that the more you are informed about the contents of your policy, the more you will be able to understand it and be able to get the most out of your policy. We are going to start with some policy conditions that you should know about.



These are your main policy limits. However, this is just an overview, if you want the whole thing, you must take time to read the full terms and conditions that your insurance agent will give you if you sign up.

Buildings (if you selected this)  
– Alternative Accommodation and Rent              =  50,000 Pounds
– Trace and Access                                                         = 10,000 Pounds
Property Owner’s Liability                                        = 5,000,000 Pounds

Contents (if you selected this)
– Valuables limit                                                              = 30% of contents sum insured
– Valuables single item limit                                     = 4,000 Pounds
– Alternative Accommodation and Storage      = 30,000 Pounds
– Theft from outbuildings                                         = 5,000 Pounds
– Contents Outside                                                       = 2,000 Pounds
– Garden Plants                                                            = 2,500 Pounds/claim, 500 Pound/Plant
– Money In The Home                                                = 1,000 Pounds
– Contents at University, college or                     = 10,000 Pounds
boarding school
– Contents temporarily away from your           = 10,000 Pounds
– Downloaded Content                                              = 3,000 Pounds
– Business Equipment                                                = 10,000 Pounds
– Guests’ belongings                                                   = 1,000 Pounds
– Births, Religious Festivals, Weddings, etc      = 10% of contents sum insured
– Tenant’s liability                                                       = 10,000 Pounds
– Employer’s liability                                                 = 10,000,000 Pounds
– Personal Liability                                                     = 5,000,000 Pounds

Personal Possessions ( this one is included in contents)
– Single item limit                                                     = 4,000 Pounds
– Bicycles                                                                      = 1,000 Pounds
– Money                                                                         = 1,000 Pounds

Family Legal Protection
– Legal costs and Expenses                                  = 100,000 Pounds

Home Emergency
– Emergency Call Out                                             = 500 Pounds
– Replacement Boiler                                             = 250 Pounds
– One Night Emergency Accommodation     = 250 Pounds

– Maximum Age                                                       = 64 years
– Emergency Overseas medical expenses  = 5,000,000 Pounds
– Cancelling a journey, curtailment, or        = 5,000 Pounds
– Delayed Departure                                             = 200 Pounds
– Missed Departure                                                = 600 Pounds

Now, we move on to some important information that you must be aware of.

Your home insurance contract is made up of three parts which are these policy conditions (yes, the ones we are discussing now), your schedule, and your proposal confirmation. Once you have signed up with Direct Line, be sure to check the information that they have given you if the details are correct. If you find something lacking or if there has been a mistake, it would be the best move to inform your insurance agent immediately so that it can be corrected.
If you have read other articles in this website, you are probably tired of us saying to give honest and accurate information to your insurance company. If Direct Line finds out that you concealed something, they could easily invalidate your policy, they can also reject your claim, and they will not pay your claim in full. That would cause trouble for you if you really need their help the most. 


Please know that they Direct Line policy will not be covering the following:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Maintenance and/or routine decoration
  • Reduction in value
  • Damage that is caused by rot, fungus, woodworm, beetles, moths, insects, or vermin.
  • They also won’t be covering for the cost or repairing or replacing any item that follows a mechanical or electrical fault or breakdown, or where it has failed or stopped working despite there being no apparent damage.
  • Any damage that has been caused by cleaning, dyeing, renovating, altering, re-styling, repairing, or restoring an item will not be covered by the insurance company.
  • Any tearing, scratching, chewing, or fouling by any pet will not be covered by the company.
  • Any damage that has been caused gradually that you ought to have been aware of and that it was reasonable to prevent it will not be covered by the company.
  • Items that have been made from faulty workmanship, or faulty design or even the use of faulty materials will not be covered by the company
  • Items that have been held or used for business purposes except those listed as business equipment in the definitions.
  • Any drop in the market value of your home that is caused by the rebuilding or repairing damage to your buildings.
  • Any loss, damage, or legal liability caused or has been allowed to be caused, deliberately, willfully, and maliciously by you or a guest.
  • Any loss, damage, or legal liability that resulted from illegal acts of you or any paying guest or tenant.




“Wherever possible, Direct Line will let you know during your first call to them whether your claim is covered by your policy or not. However, before you call them it would be great if you can read through the policy booklet (they will give you one) along with your schedule of cover. This might help you find the answer without having to ask. If you are still unsure, you can call their claims advisers. They have an excellent knowledge of the covers that you have agreed to with Direct Line.”

If you have any questions, allow us here at Best Insurance Deals to answer it, you can leave a comment below or send us a message. Don’t forget to subscribe to us! Have a great day!

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