If you want to get a home insurance policy from Direct Line, you have to know that you can choose between three products which are (1) Home Insurance, (2) Home Insurance Plus, and (3) SELECT Premier. Today, we are going to be focusing on Home Insurance Plus. This is the second product of the company that you can get. Should you really sign up with Direct Line? What kind of company are they? Let me tell you a brief history about the company. Direct Line started from scratch in the United Kingdom in April 1985 and all they had was a single product at that time, which was car insurance. You could only purchase car insurance with the use of a telephone. Just like any other company, Direct Line opened it’s company with only 63 employees and they only had a single call center which was based on Croydon. Such small beginnings for a successful company today.


Presently, Direct Line has hired more than 10,000 employees. They have stopped focusing only on Car insurance but instead they have branched out to other insurances like home, pet, travel, life, breakdown, landlord, and a business cover. Instead of just having a single call center, they now have multiple call centers and you can reach them online now. Direct Line has grown into being the leading direct car insurer.

Did you know that a Direct Line policy is being sold every 10 seconds?



Now, let us discuss more about the Home Insurance Plus product. Choosing this one will give you all the cover that you’d expect, but also a lot of cover that you wouldn’t expect. What comprises this coverage? Well, in general it will have a home emergency cover, personal possessions cover, accidental damage cover, and also family legal protection cover as a standard. However, that’s not all, since it is a PLUS, there are some other specific protection that are included in this product.


  • UNLIMITED BUILDINGS INSURANCEWith this coverage, you will be able to give protection to the main structure of your home. You will be getting an unlimited buildings sum insured for rebuilding or repairs to your home after being damaged by the following:- Fire, lightning, or an explosion
    – Storm or flood damage (however, this excludes fences and gates)
    – Theft and Vandalism
    – Subsidence or heave
    – Escape of water or oilAside from that, this will also cover:

    – Garages and outbuildings
    – Any permanent fixtures that you might have like kitchens, bathrooms, and built-in wardrobes
    – You will have a 50,000 Pounds cover for an alternative accommodation for you and your family if necessary.
    – You will have a complete access to their 24 hour emergency helpline

  • CONTENTS INSURANCE UP TO 100,000 POUNDSThis will be responsible for covering the value of all your possessions that can be found in your home. To be specific, you will be getting:- A 100,000 Pounds cover as a standard
    – Cover on new for old basis like for household goods (furniture, carpet, etc), and other belongings in your home, garages, and sheds. This includes clothing.
    – A 1,000 Pound cover for cash in your home
    – A 2,500 Pound cover for any garden items
    – You will also have a cover against fire, smoke damage, and lightning. Theft, flood, and leaking oil or water will also be covered,
    – You will have an unlimited cover for fridge and freezer contents.
    – You can get replacement locks and keys if your keys have been stolen or you have lost them
    – A 10,000 Pound worth of cover for your children’s contents when they are living away from home at a University. There will be no registration needed. This will be automatically included.
    – You can also expect an automatic 10% increase in contents cover for several weeks either side of religious festivals, family weddings, and the birth of your child.
    – You will also have an access to their 24 hour emergency helpline.
  • PERSONAL POSSESSIONS COVERIt’s not just your house that needs protection, but also the contents that needs protection. This cover will include protection on your jewelry, cameras, watches, mobile phones, and even golf clubs. Your bicycle will also be covered up to 1,000 Pounds per cycle. Lastly, a 500 Pound cover for lost or stolen money.
  • ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE COVERThis will give you an extra cover for little accidents like spilling coffee on your computer keyboard, or putting your foot through a ceiling, or staining your carpets and sofa with red wine.
  • FAMILY LEGAL PROTECTIONYou will have access to a 24 hour confidential advice line for you and your family. Your legal costs will also be covered up to 100,000 Pounds to help you with faulty goods or services that you’ve bought (this includes any holiday packages). You will also be able to make employment claims which includes unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, or disability.
  • HOME EMERGENCY COVER UP TO 500 POUNDSYou can trust that Direct Line will be there to help you put things back to normal if they go wrong. You will have a 500 Pound allowance which will cover the cost of call out, labour, and parts. This will also include your plumbing and drainage, heating and electrics emergencies, infestation by pests such as wasps or rats, and even for security emergencies such as lost or stolen keys.

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