Choosing the best travel insurance for you is a personal choice, and you may agree or not agree with me when I say that the travel insurance I consider the best in Australia is the one offered by CGU. I am a strong supporter in freedom of choice so yes, I respect your decision if you do not agree. Before we get to that, let us refresh our minds so we can remember why we want to avail of a travel insurance in the first place.

It is unusual for a person to think about something bad happening to him and his companions when they are about to go on a vacation. Their minds are usually so consumed about what to do when they get there, where to stay, how to commute from place to place, what wonderful places they should go to first. Nobody thinks about being faced with an accident until it happens. Having a travel insurance with you provides you with the peace of mind you are looking for in the first place. With a travel insurance, you can be rest assured that someone is looking out for you, your loved ones, and your belongings.

CGU’s travel insurance states that they can cover any accident or mishap that may happen during the trip. Whether you are going to fly overseas or have a road trip around the continent, CGU will assist you with an affordable insurance policy that is especially created with your needs in mind.

True to it’s word, CGU will be looking out for you. Do not hesitate to call their 24 hour hotline which is available worldwide. A multi-lingual staff will assist your needs and fix your problems for you, if they are able to. CGU offers a lot of covers to fit into your needs, which are:

  1. ) Singles/Doubles Cover – This covers any dependent children without any addition costs.
  1. ) Seniors Cover – If you just going to travel around Australia, a medical assessment will be okay especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. However, if you are traveling internationally, CGU requires you (especially if you are over seventy years of age) to complete an online medical assessment before they determine the cover.
  1. ) Pre Existing Medical Cover – CGU provides automatic cover for some medical conditions as long as they are able to meet certain requirements.

Here are some things that CGU covers:

  • Overseas medical, dental, and additional medical expenses
  • Luggage and travel documents
  • Emergency purchases for lost or delayed luggage
  • Cancellations, delays, or rescheduled travel cover
  • Returning to Australia if medically required
  • Video cameras, portable electronic equipment, etc
  • Return of hire car and excess water
  • Loss of income if you are unable to come back to work once you get to Australia

Here are some things that CGU does not or will not cover:

  • The effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Theft or loss of cash or banknotes
  • Any act of violence or intentional damage by you
  • Any incident that does not occur during the period of insurance
  • Stress disorders that result in deciding not to travel
  • Any illegal or unlawful act
  • Not following travel warnings by governments or media
  • Hunting, off-piste skiing, polo, yachting in international waters

I still think that CGU is the best travel insurance in Australia basing on the service they offer and their quick customer service support. It makes me feel like this company is truly looking out for my safety while I enjoy my travel abroad. Even if you weren’t really considering CGU at first, I would like you to reconsider or at least read about it and find out for yourself.

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