If you are somehow not convinced about when an Australian company says that it has the best travel insurance to offer and you want real unbiased reviews about their service, you may want to consider heading over to thetoptens. This site is somehow informative in a way that it not only provides you with their list of insurance company that they consider the best but they also allow viewers or readers of their site to post their own opinion about a certain company. Although it doesn’t have a specific list for TRAVEL insurance, the companies it has listed in it’s top ten provide travel insurance policies as well so it should still be very informative for your hungry mind.

You can also leave your review for a certain company and let it stay anonymous.

Let’s take the top three from their list as an example:

  1. ) GIO
  • “Now this is a very popular company and it does have great rates so it makes the top ten list.”
  • “I’m defiantly not impressed I was insured by them for over a year to find out they don’t actually cove my field of work, even when my business name clearly states what I do.”
  • “Just phoned GIO, asked for a quote for my home, contents, public liability, two motor cars.
    I am a 56 year old disabled pensioner and was told
    ’sorry, we do not insure people in Tasmania’
    Is that discrimination? Fvck GIO.”

How unbiased can that get? The reviews allow you to have an insight about what common problems it’s current or previous customers have experienced with the company. Somehow, it can help you or influence your decision on what company you should buy an insurance from. Keep in mind, however, that some comments may have personal gain and can’t really be that reliable. You can never be sure just how 100 percent true the reviews are so as I always say, make sure you do your own research about the company as well. The people you need to ask are those who know or have been a customer of the company. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool to gather information about something.

  1. ) AAMI
  • “Shocking customer service. VERY long story short, after someone drove into the drivers door of my car at an intersection AAMI sent the car off to their repairer who had the amazing idea to remove the compliance labels from the drivers door sill to conduct repairs. when they gave the car back the handed me the compliance labels on a sheet of A4 paper and told me to keep them in the glove box! I took the car to be valued with the compliance labels removed and it was worth $10,000 less than it should have been. In the process of removing the compliance labels they were ripped (sticker type label) and had pieces missing so when the repairer insisted on attempting to refit them it was a disaster. AAMI don’t want anything to do with it and it is now in the hands of the ombudsman. Don’t get cheap car insurance thinking it’ll give you the samepolicy as the better companies, you get what you pay for I guess…”
  • “AAMI likes to take your money, but when it comes to paying out it will find all the excuses not to.”
  1. ) CGU
  • “Been with them for years, claimed twice, easy no fuss, Had Allianz on my home insurance, trouble, trouble, trouble! Never got back to me with their claim decision. I called again and again, even lodged a compliant, then they got back to me pretty quick, and that was six weeks later, told me my claim was declined! I had a leaking roof in the middle of winter. Could have told me earlier so that I would get it fix five weeks earlier! Allianz is bad, don’t get anywhere near!”
  • “This is the best insurance company! Very quick with their claims!”

Based on the above reviews, you are now thinking of making a claim on CGU because it has the best insurance reviews, although they are not specific to their traveling policy, it still says a lot! But like I said above, it is still advisable to ask a person you personally know – a friend or a family member – if they have had an experience with a certain company. You can be sure that these people are going to look out for you and will be able to provide you with honest opinions about a company.

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