If you’re an Australian who wants to go and see the beaches in Bali but you have apprehensions about your safety because it’s your first time, the best solution for this is knowing that someone has your back at all times – your travel insurance! Is it really advisable to purchase a travel insurance before leaving for a trip? You bet it is! Why? Because with a travel insurance you can finally have that peace of mind you’ve been wanting for a long time. You don’t have to worry about anything because there are people who are looking out for you – just in case something happens! Like an accident but it’s not only limited to that! Some insurances also cover expenses for lost luggage and emergency shopping due to it. Your electronic gadgets can also be covered.

Best Travel Insurance: Australia to Bali

Most people travel to experience other cultures and sight seeing. Being Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination, Bali got you covered if it is cultural experience you are looking for. Different forms of art such as painting, wood craving, and sculpture has made Bali famous world-wide. In Bali, there are innovative performing arts culture to keep you entertained, colorful festivals, public shows and ceremonies. Bali is also well-known for it’s rich sea-life. Feel free to take a dip with the fishes and corals.

In terms of a travel insurance, I recommend you to take a look at Insure and Go’s website (insureandgo.com.au). They offer six key benefits that are a staple in their insurance policies whether you choose the bare essentials, silver, or the gold. Theses key benefits are:

  1. ) Prices from just $27
  2. ) Unlimited cancellation in their Gold policy
  3. ) Kids are free to go with their parents
  4. ) Unlimited medical expenses on all overseas policy
  5. ) $8,000 baggage cover up
  6. ) 90 sports and leisure activities that are automatically for free

You need more reasons as to why you should definitely consider Insure and Go? They have a global covering of over 1.6 million travelers per year. You can get your quote in seconds. Not days, not weeks, but seconds. Getting old? No worries, Insure and Go has got you covered until you’re about a hundred years old. They offer a 24 hours emergency assistance. Feel free to call them anytime! Some insurance companies do not consider other pre-existing medical conditions but if you choose Insure and Go, they consider all medical conditions. Plus, it’s quick and easy!

Insure and Go give you three options to choose from: The Bare Essentials which involves, medical screening, unlimited medical expenses, a personal liability of $ 1,500,000, emergency expenses of $5,000, excess of $100, Baggage of $2,000, winter sports cover of $1,250, Business sports cover of $2,500, and lastly golf cover of $3,000. Silver and gold provide a lot more but of course, these two are a little bit more pricey that just the bare essentials policy.

Remember it’s not a waste of money if traveling from Australia to Bali will give you the best experience, safety and peace of mind – three important things the right travel insurance can give you. Feel free to browse the internet for a travel insurance that fits you.

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