In 2015, it’s a bit harder to choose which travel insurance is the best choice for you especially if you’re from Australia. This is simply because there are now plenty of insurance companies which offer the best deals available in the market. Don’t you just wish that you can just purchase them all? If you are still confused about what insurance company to purchase a policy from, don’t worry that’s why there are travel insurance agents in the first place. They will be able to help you by clearing up on some things that you don’t understand about the contract and/or find the best contract for you.

The Best Travel Insurance In Australia For 2015

However, like I always say, it is always best to have some kind of a background knowledge about something before diving straight into it. Think of it as a security blanket or something you can fall back on. Agents are trained to use big words and to entice possible buyers to buy or at least seriously consider their products, so if you don’t know a thing about travel insurance, you might be fooled into purchasing an insurance policy that is not fit and/or is the best for you.

Although it is hard to choose between different wonderful policies, it is easier now to browse and compare a policy with another policy offered by a different company. All you will need is a laptop, phone, or any device actually that can connect to the internet. Some websites also allow you to “personalize” your policy.

If you go to, there you will be able to find a long list of all possible travel insurance quotes that may fit you. There you will be able to find the most popular products for this year. There are also tips on what to check for when you are looking at policy, deals, coupons, and savings.

According to this Insure and Go’s Gold Single Trip rank the most popular policy for today. It offers an unlimited cancellation cover, unlimited medical expenses cover, $5,000,000 personal liability cover, and $8,000 luggage cover. Insure and Go is a wonderful company. I’ve heard a lot of good feedback about them. You may check out their personal website ( for more information. You may also browse their Bare Essential and Silver policy.

The second one is 1Cover’s Comprehensive Single Trip. It also has an unlimited overseas medical expenses cover. $50,000 additional accommodation and travel expenses, Unlimited cancellation fees and lost deposits cover, and $15,000 luggage and personal effects cover. And the third one is Virgin Money’s International Comprehensive. It comes with 24 hour hotline service, unlimited overseas emergency expenses, up to $7,500 and personal effects cover, and $3,000 rental vehicle excess cover.

In conclusion, there are a lot of travel insurance companies that are competing to be the best for 2015, and also the best for you. Know what you really want, do your research, and talk to a travel insurance agent about any concerns you may have. Don’t be shy to ask lots of questions if you are still unconvinced. It is an agent’s job to give you the very best policy. Your needs is their priority. Happy Browsing!

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