I searched for the best insurance deals in Australia and found a very reliable website that has listed it’s top ten. I understand that you may not agree with the list or you may agree with the list but it can still somehow help you decide on what company will be best suited for you.

Best Insurance Deals In Australia

According to the top tens website, the first insurance company on their list is the GIO. “It’s a trust thing!” GIO provides insurance products such as car, home, travel, commercial, boat, caravan, CTP in NSW and ACT, public liability and workers compensation. Founded as the Government Insurance Office in 1927, it was set up to provide workers’ compensation insurance under the Workers’ Compensation Act of 1926.

The second is AAMI. Their tag line is “Lucky Your With AAMI”. Just like GIO, they offer different varieties of insurances ranging from car, CTP, Travel, Motorcyle, Caravan, Home, Business, and Life. The philosophy they uphold that they are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and the best possible service for their customers, at any time needed.  By dealing directly with their costumers, they provide information about their innovative business and marketing strategies in order to provide them with high quality products and excellent costumer service.

The third one is CGU. “See It Through” CGU offers insurances for your car, homes, boat, landlords, travel, residential strata, life, and caravan. According to their About Me Page, CGU is a leading commercial, rural, and personal lines insurer. They are able to distribute a wide range of  market-leading products through more than 1,000 brokers, agents, and selected financial institution and affinity partners.  They swear to put their costumers first. The claim process they offer are clear and simple. You can talk with their agents to make a claim more fitting and suitable for your needs.

After 160 proud years of serving Australian people, CGU is sure that their company is well-trusted in all parts of the country. Their written purpose is to protect tomorrow so you can enjoy today. It is their ambition to be the most admired insurer in their chosen market. It is their vision to deliver a great experience for our customers and partners, be the best industry to work for, be the most trusted insurer in Australia, and deliver a high sustained performance.

If you are searching for the best insurance deals for you in Australia, be sure to search the web for there are many websites that you can check out. Research research! Be sure to be knowledgeable about something before you listen to an agent. Remember it is their job to sell their policy, so they will use big words to wow you. It is always best if you are knowledgeable about something before you go and apply for it.

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