Progressive is a home insurance company that is not only worth discussing, but including it as one of the best choices when it comes to home insurance companies. This company began on March 10, 1937 by two men who were namely Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. They wanted to provide vehicle owners with security and protection. On that day onward, the company has been taking an innovative approach when it comes to auto insurance. They were actually the first insurance company to offer drive-in claims service before any other insurance company could. I must also mention that they were also the first one who started the whole idea that customers can be allowed to pay their premiums in installments. It was a great ideal for those who couldn’t afford annual payments. Up to this day, Progressive still wants the same thing and that is to make insurance accessible and easy so more people could protect what was important to them.


Most of the focus of the company is on auto insurance, but that doesn’t mean that their home insurance isn’t as great. You see as a company, Progressive, strives to live up to it’s name by staying one step ahead in the field of insurance companies. Every day they continue to find new and affordable insurance solutions for their customers. Basically if you purchase a home insurance policy from Progressive, you will be able to receive help when it comes to paying for home repairs, replacement costs, and other extra living expenses if something happens to your home. You will be covered from anything else like fire, wind, hail, theft, and with this also comes a peace of mind that you so seek. All you will have to do would be sign up and pay your deductible.



Having a home insurance would protect you in more ways that you can think of. It doesn’t only cover your home itself but also the people and the contents of the home. So, what exactly will be covered by this home insurance? Here is a list below:

  • Standard home insurance¬†– Dwelling: This coverage will pay for the damage or destruction to your house and any unattached structures and buildings like fences, detached garages, and storage sheds.- Personal Property: This will cover the contents of your house, which includes your furniture, clothing, and electrical appliances in case they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed.- Liability: This will help in protecting you against financial loss if you are being sued and found to be legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage.

    – Medical Payments: This will be responsible for covering your medical bills for those people who have been hurt while being in your property. This will also cover for something that happens away from your home like your dog biting someone.

    – Loss of Use: This will be responsible for paying for the additional living expenses if your home is too damaged to live in during the repairs.

  • Optional Home Insurance coveragesOf course, you can always add something new to your policy if you want to like the following below:- Guaranteed Replacement Cost: This will be responsible for providing you with the most complete coverage for your home. However, keep in mind that your home insurance company will require you to meet specific underwriting rules and conditions in order to qualify you for this coverage. You may need to increase your home insurance amount monthly, quarterly, or on a yearly basis to keep up.- Inflation Guard Endorsement: This will be responsible for automatically adjusting your home insurance limits during your policy period so that you will be able to get them at 80 percent or more of your home’s replacement costs. This is beneficial to your home’s replacement cost without increasing the inflation.

    – Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement: Sometimes this is called as the “personal article floater”. Having this means that you have protected your possessions such as jewelry, furs, stamps, guns, coins, antiques, etc etc. Each are itemized and detailed so you will have an actual idea of how much all of your possessions are worth.

    – Increased Limits on Monday and Securities

    – Secondary Residence Premises Endorsement: This will cover your second home like summer vacation house.

    – Watercraft Endorsement

    – Theft coverage Protection Endorsement

    – Credit card forgery and depositors forgery coverage endorsement

    However, take not that flood, earthquake, nuclear accident, war, and windstorm damage are not covered.


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