Before you sign up with any company, be sure to read up on them a little so here is our write up about Direct Line Home Insurance. Hopefully, this article will help you know if this truly is the right company for you. It can be confusing to settle on a decision since there are so many good companies out there. In the end, it will come down to which one you think is the one for you.


Signing up with Direct Line is easy. You can get a quote online, besides that you will also be able to make a claim and retrieve a quote in the same website. Today, Direct Line has over ten million customers and a broad range of products and services that you can choose from. They can do business over the phone and on the internet. It is their aim to offer a quick and straight forward customer experience. Direct Line started with only 63 employees back in 1985. Presently, they have about 10,000 employees running their company and make sure they are meeting the needs of their customers. Direct Line began by selling car insurance, and today they have expanded to selling home, pet, life, travel, breakdown, and landlord and business cover. You can still do business online or on the phone.


Today, Direct Line has become UK’s leading direct car insurer. The company is able to provide more than 13,000 car insurance quotes daily. Did you know that a Direct Line policy is being sold every ten seconds? That’s amazing, right! You could be one of them.

Direct Line has three home insurance products that you can choose from, and these are the following:

  • HOME INSURANCE– Standard, simple, no fuss.
    – If you choose this, you will have your home covers and you can add some additional optional extras to help boots your cover but of course, that comes for an additional cost.  You will have a buildings insurance up to 1 million pounds, contents insurance up to 50,000 pounds, and a 24 hours emergency hotline.
    – You will also have the choice to add(1) Personal Possessions Cover, (2) Accidental Damage Cover, (3) Family Legal Protection, and (4) Home Emergency Cover.Would you be getting this type of insurance?
  • HOME INSURANCE PLUS– With this one, you will be getting all the cover you’d expect to get, and a lot that you wouldn’t. This coverage comes with a home emergency, personal possessions, accidental damage, and family legal protection. If you noticed, those four are the optional additions to the Home Insurance coverage. I am referring to the first one above.With this second one, you will have unlimited buildings insurance, personal possessions cover, contents insurance up to 100,000 pounds, accidental damage cover, a 23 hour emergency hotline, annual travel insurance, family legal protection, ID fraud detection and assistance, and finally a home emergency cover of up to 500 pounds.

    What do you think of the second one? If you think that was great, I wonder what you would think of the third and final one.

  • PREMIER INSURANCETheir last and highest level of cover that is designed for higher value homes. This coverage will include a wide range of covers as standard and flexibility to cover higher value jewelry, fine art, and also antiques. They will also be covering everything from your home, car, and even your pets. And that will just be under one policy, one payment, and one renewal date. Doesn’t that sound great?With this coverage, you will have an unlimited buildings insurance, worldwide coverage for valuables, worldwide contents from 100,000 pounds, accidental damage cover, a 24 hour emergency helpline, legal expenses, home emergency coverage of up to 750 pounds, and personal service. You can also add the optional annual travel insurance, and the optional one policy.

What are your final thoughts about Direct Line now? Don’t forget to leave a comment below or send us a message if you have any questions or you just want to discuss.

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