Looking for some of the best holiday insurance companies? We did it and made the list shorter for you, so you won’t have to search through hundreds of pages. Don’t worry, it’s not too late for you to purchase a holiday insurance for you and your loved ones.

  • CSA Travel Protection Did you know that this travel insurance company received a gold ribbon and is said to be the best of the best travel insurance companies for the year 2016? CSA will be able to offer you excellent service.  You can get plans with higher coverage and a lot of features.if you have to cancel your trip because of your carrier or tour agency declaring financial default, you will receive reimbursement from CSA. You can also avail of their “Cancel For Any Reason” provision. You can have compensation for missed connections, lost luggage and expenses. You will also get a rental car coverage. And not to mention expenses incurred in a non-medical evacuation such as riots and political upheaval. You can also withdraw 500 US DOLLARS in advance for emergency. This is a special service only from CSA.
  • Travel SafeThis company has high payout caps, several plans and prices that are near or below average compared to the other companies. They have four different types of plans. Each type has several choices available to you. This company is affordable and good, or maybe even better than other insurance companies. You have 2,500 US DOLLARS as maximum coverage in case of a lost luggage. However, your fees to change a flight are not covered. Unlike the first one, they don’t have a compensation for the “Cancel For Any Reason”. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get anything when you cancel, they offer a lot of trip cancellation reimbursement. You just have to find the right one for your case.The budget for their emergency medical benefits is at 1 million dollars – that’s for medical evacuation and repatriation, and 100,000 US DOLLARS for medical. You have a 750 US DOLLARS budget for the teeth. 25,000 US DOLLARS for accidental teeh and dismemberment coverage (sometimes known as flight accident coverage). They will also help you locate a doctor.



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