If it’s the best car insurance in Australia you are looking for, you will be feeling lucky when you get together with AAMI. Being the winner for 2014’s Money Magazine Awards, AAMI is sure to provide you with excellent car insurance you need for your everyday travel.

AAMI has what they call the Comprehensive Car Insurance. It’s a policy that covers your car for car theft and accident damage, emergency costs, damage caused by your car to other people’s vehicles and properties, and lastly, a new car will be automatically covered  when your car is less than 2 years old and is written off. This policy also covers for repairs and replacements when your car has been damaged, written off, or stolen. It’s easy to get a car insurance in AAMI, and with this comes a complimentary taxi service. AAMI will also tow your damaged car. If ever you need any help, you will be able to speak to a real person 24/7. And what’s better than a hassle-free paperless claims! There are also optional extras available like 24/7 roadside assistance, windscreen and window glass cover, hire car for unlimited, and a free AAMI Skilled Drivers Course.

They also have what they call the Third Party Car Insurance. With this policy, you will be able to enjoy great benefits like being able to cover for damage caused by your car to other people’s properties, even damage caused by an uninsured driver, and fire and theft cover. Just like their Comprehensive Car Insurance, you will be able to communicate to a real person 24/7, hassle-free claims, and hire car if your car gets stolen. This policy also covers for repairs and replacements if ever your car gets stolen or damaged.

CTP Green Slip or the Compulsory Third Party Insurance which is also known as the “green slip”. This is required when you live in New South Wales for you to be able to register your vehicle. This type of insurance protects you in any event of a personal injury claim made against you by other people or vehicle owners and passengers. However, CTP Green Slip doesn’t cover the damage caused to your vehicle, other vehicles and properties.

Another great thing about AAMI is that they provide their customers with a FREE Safe Driver Application which is obtainable for everyone. It is not only limited to AAMI customers. What is it? AAMI Safe Driver App is specifically developed to act as an aid on the road. It tracks and assesses your driving skills encouraging and rewarding AAMI safe driving behavior. This application is free to download from Apple’s App Store and  Google Play. It’s key features are it is able to measure your speed with the account of what road you are taking and the speed limit on that road, also on how smooth you can brake, acceleration, and also lets you know your fatigue levels.

There are a lot of what different Australian people consider as the best car insurance deals for them, but I strongly believe that AAMI’s car insurance deals are something to be talked about. Or at least be considered. You may check them out for yourself on their website to get more information. Last note: you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home because AAMI promotes purchasing a policy online to make it easier for customers. By purchasing online, you will be able to save some money on discounts. Drive carefully!

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