There are a lot of car insurance deals considered as the best ones at the moment, but really which one is truly the best among the rest? When you are purchasing a car insurance quote, make sure that it is the best choice for you, and not for someone who seems just like you. It’s hard to find the insurance that best fits you nowadays since there are so many insurance company who seem to offer the best deals. It makes choosing a bit harder, but there are ways available to you which can help you in making the right choice. One of these choices would be to check online. There are websites which allows you to compare one company’s quote to another. This is complete free so you don’t have to worry. You head over to websites such as:


They have been repeatedly ranked as the one of the fastest growing company in the state of Washington. They have sold over a million leads to 7,000+ insurance agents. Their biggest costumers have been State Farm, Allstate, Geico, and Farmers, which are all well known insurance companies. They have been serving the public now for over a decade. They are also helping people get the most out of their car insurance policies by making sure that the customers are not paying for too much. Their goal is to help you find the best rate for you. This can help you save up to 40%. They also encourage their costumers to not stick to one car insurance provider. They encourage switching to other companies if the current car insurance policy you have is now too expensive and is no longer fulfilling your needs. With the help of QuoteWizard, you will be able to find a cheaper rate for your car and request a prorated refund on your old policy. An average Quotewizard user can save up to 65 US dollars per month!

Their popular insurance discounts consists of: Alternative Fuel or Hybrid Car Discount, Multi-line Policy Discount, New Car Discount, Good Student Discount, Electronic Stability Control Discount, Anti-Lock Brake Discount, Anti-Theft Discount Accident Free Discount, Continuous Car Insurance Discount, and Organization or Club Membership Discount.


In this website, you’ll be able to find a sort of list where you can compare car insurance policies from different company around the country. You can find companies such as Allstate, Liberty Manual, State Farm, Erie Insurance, Amica, Auto-Owners Insurance, Geico, Farmers Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, American Family Insurance, and a lot more. There are also articles available which you can read to aid you in your search like this one entitled: “How To Research Car Insurance Companies To Find The Right One For You”. Written in this article are the three most important factors you should consider when you are looking for a car insurance, which are namely:


That is, the total cost of having a certain policy. The largest portion of this cost will usually come from the premium you are required to pay each pay period. Other costs include deductibles, fees, and the cost of enhanced coverage options.

Discounts play a large role in determining the premium you pay, so the quantity and quality of the discounts that a company offers are important.

Customer Service

A number of things to be part of the “customer service” bracket, including but not limited to, how accessible a company is online, over the phone and/or in person, what customers tend to say about a company in reviews, how many complaints have been made to the state governments about a company, the quality of a company’s website and mobile app (if it has one), and how a company was rated by J.D. Power and others (if it was rated at all).

Financial Stability

Ultimately, what matters in the insured-insurer relationship is that when the insured makes a claim, the insurer is able to put forth the necessary funds to cover it. There are a number of trusted third-party agencies that rate insurance companies’ ability to pay out claims, including A.M Best, S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch. We’ve used the ratings given by these agencies, where available, to give overall financial stability ratings to each of the companies in this research tool. Most of the companies are large brand-names that should have no trouble paying out even substantial claims, however, some are more financial sound than others. This information is of particular importance when you’re considering smaller, local car insurers, who may not have the large coffers that the brand names do.

– Excerpt from the said article.


This website understands that purchasing a car insurance for yourself can get very confusing. There are a lot of things you should consider and there are a lot of false information going on about it in the market. That’s why it’s their goal to help you by making things simple and easy to understand. They will pave the way for you as you get on this journey of finding the best car insurance deal for you. There are a lot of gray areas or lukewarm areas in car insurance deals and sometimes these are overlooked by buyers because they don’t understand what it really means. Smartprices understands that not everyone is knowledgeable about insurance policies and that’s why they’ve made it their job to help you. All you will need to do is fill out a form with details regarding your situation, this refers to the car you are driving – the brand, the model, the gas it uses. After filing this up, they can be able to analyze which car insurance company bit fits you.

Of course, there are also other ways to look for the best car insurance deals at the moment which doesn’t involve the aid of the internet. Although just sitting behind a computer and browsing through thousands of car insurance companies is very convenient. You can also approach an agent and talk to him or her about your present situation and allows him or her to do his or her job to find the best deals for you. An independent agent would be a nice choice for they are more well versed with different company policies. Good luck!

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