Want to learn more about Allstate Auto Insurance? Look no further because here, we aim to help our readers – this is you – be more aware and informed about things related to purchasing an auto insurance. We believe that being informed will be able to help a person make smarter and more efficient decisions. How did Allstate come to be? Back in 1931, Allstate began bring the good to life. The company was founded by a certain General Robert E. Wood. He was the chairman of Sears, Roebuck & Co. His aim was to be able to bring quality and service to the auto insurance field. Did he succeed? It was in 1939 when he managed to introduce a sophisticated rate classification system that gave better affordable rates to drivers. In 1953, Allstate Foundation started a grant program that allowed them to train thousands of educators to teach driver’s education at local schools or shops. You might not be aware of this but Allstate was the first major insurer that offered discounts to owners of small cars. In 1968, the company started to work hand in hand with the government and started the landmark driving safety legislation which included mandatory seat belts and airbags.


As a company who boasts about customers being in good hands when you sign up with them, you can expect that they go a little extra mile to serve you better. They make sure that they give the much needed help their customer’s lives. It will be so easy for you to contact their customer service through landline, cellphone, or online. If you need anything from them, you can be sure that they are just one call, one chat, or one text away. That’s a thing that’s important when choosing a company, you must be sure that it’s a company that you can depend on.


Allstate car insurance will be an insurance company that will be able to give you quality protection at a great price. You see, every policy comes with the support of a knowledgeable and friendly Allstate agent, who you can easily approach if you have certain things that you need to clarify. You will have all the information you will need in choosing the car insurance coverage that feels the most right by you.


With Allstate, you will also be able to select from a wide range of roadside services that can help you be safe while you are on the road. Accidents can happen while you are on the road – although we are crossing our fingers that you don’t get involved with one. But in any case an accident does happen, you will need to be prepared. You can trust on Allstate to be your dependable roadside partner. They have been the partner of a lot of people for over 50 years now.


There are three service options when it comes to roadside help. You can choose from them. Note that you will be able to request help right from your phone through the use of an innovative GPS tracking. You can choose from a Membership Plan: Allstate Motor Club, or the Pay-Per-Use services: Good Hands Rescue, and finally the Added Protection On Your Allstate Policy: Towing & Labor Coverage. As a customer, expect that help will be readily available 24/7, it is supported by a nationwide network, it has mobile access, it has towing and roadside services, it is open to anyone – there is no policy required, and it has exclusive savings and services. Good Hands rescue doesn’t have exclusive savings and services though. And Towing and labor isn’t open to anyone and it also doesn’t have exclusive savings and services.


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