Want to learn more about the AARP Auto Insurance? You’d be happy to know that the AARP has been around to help people and businesses for over 200 years. They are there when someone needs help when it comes to preparing for the unexpected, protect what is uniquely important to them, and prevail through life’s challenges and different opportunities with flying colors. In order to do this, AARP has been delivering industry leading property and casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds to their customers. Aside from that, they have also been creating a diverse and inclusive culture for their employees, financial performance for our shareholders, and by engaging with and servicing the communities in which they work and live in.


Why should you switch to AARP? AARP Auto Insurance program is from The Hartford company. You’ve heard of this company right? It is a name that you know and trust. With AARP you will be able to enjoy great rates that recognize your experience and the other extra benefits that you deserves as a member. Here are some benefits that you can expect:

LIFE TIME RENEWABILITY. This means that as long as you are able to drive, you will be able to renew you coverage. You will only have to meet a few simple requirements such as maintaining a valid driver’s license and paying your premiums, which you can discuss with your insurance agent. You will also habe a 12 MONTH RATE PROTECTION. This will help you relax for a little bit with knowing that your auto insurance premium is locked-in for a full year. This factor is what actually helps set AARP apart from other insurance companies. You will also be able to avail of RECOVERCARE – ASSISTANCE AFTER AN ACCIDENT.¬†This means that the coverage you purchase will reimburse for essential home services that you cannot perform yourself like house cleaning, lawn maintenance, and even walking your dog.


You will also be able to get a NEW CAR REPLACEMENT COVERAGE. If by some unfortunate situation, you have totaled your new car within the first 15 months or 15,000 miles after you buy it, AARP will help you replace it with a new vehicle of the same maker, model, and equipment without any deduction or depreciation. I also have to mention that you will be able to avail of a LIFE TIME CARE REPAIR ASSURANCE. AARP is partners with over 1,600 + authorized repair shops in their approved network, and they will be there to help you if you need someone to cover the repairs. You won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a trusted repair service after an accident.


Aside from those I’ve mentioned above, you will also be able to add what they call the ADVANTAGE PLUS package, which includes the (1) First Accident Forgiveness – which means that your first accident will not result to your premium increasing. So how can you qualify in this? It may be hard but you have to maintain a clean driving record for five consecutive years. Next, we have the (2) Disappearing Deductible, with this your collision deductible on your car insurance policy will go down each year – it may even reach all the way down to $0 – as long as you maintain a clean driving record. (3) One Deductible can also be a great addition to your premium. With this, you will only be paying one deductible especially if you have more than two cars. You will pay the deductible which is higher, of course, but you will still be able to save. This also applies if you have a car and home.



If you want to learn more about AARP AUTO INSURANCE, you better subscribe at Best Insurance Deals! It is our goal to inform our readers – this is you – about the different insurance companies that you may be interested in so that you will be able to make a smart and informed choice. Have a great day!

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