There are a lot of auto insurance deals that claim that they are the best. How can you really know which company offers the best deals for you? What type of car insurance is the best for you? Is car insurance even important? When we say auto insurance or car insurance to some, we are talking about a signed contract between you and an insurance company of your choice. This refers to a policy that you have purchased from a company to help you – the car owner – mitigate the costs that are associated with getting into an auto accident. So what will happen if you have an auto insurance? You won’t be appreciating it if you haven’t encountered an accident but for sure, you will be once you encounter and accident and realize that you don’t have to pay for the damages right from your pocket because your auto insurance company will be the one who will settle it for you.

Since you now know that the insurance company that you chose will be the one to cover you in times of need, you have to be sure that you are choosing the best company with the best deal. Lucky for you, there are a lot of great company that you can choose from!

Let me introduce you to some of the best companies when it comes to auto insurance!


  • LIBERTY MANUAL INSURANCEYou’ve often heard of this company before right? They are quite popular and have a good reputation. With Liberty Manual, there are so many ways that you can get a great rate when it comes to your auto insurance. There is more than one way that you can save. In fact, here are there three best ways of saving!BUNDLE AND SAVEYou will be able to get discounts if you can ask your insurance agent to combine your different policies. For example, you have a home insurance and auto insurance from this company so you can ask the insurance agent if you can avail of a discount, and you will see the savings roll in. However, all your insurance policies have to come from one company which is Liberty Mutual, of course.MULTI-CAR DISCOUNT

    If you have a lot of automobiles and you purchase a car insurance for each one, you will be able to avail this discount as long as they are listed on the same policy. This will ensure that you will be able to receive the best value when it comes to mimizing the hassle of managing your auto insurnace.


    The company has more than 14,000 organizations as partners so if you are a member of even one of them, you will be eligible for a discount. Talk to you insurance agent about this.


    Now that you know about the discounts, let’s move on to the coverage of Liberty Mutual. With this company, you will be able to feel safe from knowing that a dependable company is looking out for you. Here are some perks from Liberty Mutual!


    – If your new car has been totaled in your first year of use, you will be able to get money for a brand new car.


    – Liberty Mutual will be able to guarantee your rate for a full year starting from your renewal date.


    – If you have encountered your first accident, you can be sure that your monthly premiums won’t be going up because of it.


    – You won’t be alone and stranded.

    24/7 CLAIMS

    They have a dedicated team that is always available to help you handle your claim quickly. You will be able to contact them through phone, online, or thru a mobile device.

    Here is a review about Liberty Mutual!

    “They are the BEST out there! I have gone to different ones and had to come back to them because they are so honest, so friendly and so professional. They are not ripping you off with those 6 month policies and with a bunch of other fees. Do your research… Call around and you will be shocked at how many of those other companies are charging for their premiums (double what Liberty Mutual charges) and then once they get you the first year with somewhat low rates, they hike them back up the second year! Do your research and you will realize that Liberty Mutual is the best all around!”

  • ESURANCEAnother great company that you should consider is Esurance! Their aim is to help their customers make the smarter and more efficient choices when it comes to insurance. With their state of the art technology, they are able to offer a seamless online and mobile experience that comes along with intuitive tools that will take the hassle out of insurance. They have received an A+ financial rating  and are offering a vehicle and property coverage around the country.There are three top reasons why you should purchase auto insurance from Esurance:Coverage My Way will help you make smarter choices and personalize your auto insurance to suit you better
    – You will also be able to gain a peace of mind with the easy to reach 24/7 customer service
    – You will be able to manage your policy while you are on the go with Esurance Mobile. All you will need is an internet connection.With Esurance, you will be able to do things differently – smarter, better. You will be able to personalize your auto insurance according to what suits you best. When it comes to insurance, you will want to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.


Here at Best Insurance Deals, we strive to help you find the best insurance deal for you by informing you about the different types and coverages that a company you are interested in offers. Hopefully, with the help of our articles, you will be able to choose the best coverage for you and a company that really cares and you can depend on. Feel free to subscribe or follow our website for e-mail alerts every time we post something new. Have a great day!

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