Today we are going to be talking about Aviva’s Over 50 Life Insurance product and what it offers. It could be the life insurance coverage that you are looking for.  Life insurance is a great gift to your family if you are the breadwinner of your family or to make it simple, if you are the one who brings the biggest income. When you unexpectedly die, the life insurance company that you partnered with will step in and take care of your family by either paying for your funeral, giving them a large sum of money, or a monthly income. Whatever it was that you and the insurance company agreed upon. A life insurance can help replace your income with a non-taxable health benefit, reduce the financial burden of your family having to continue without you, put your kids (if you have some) through school, pay for the mortgage, car, and other debts that you leave behind, pay for your funeral expenses, and pay for your estate taxes. Now you loved ones will be able to mourn you properly without thinking about other problems.


If you are over the age of fifty or getting there, it’s not too late to purchase a life insurance. Aviva is a company that thinks of what is good for you. They are helping over 34 million customers to save for the future and manage the risks of everyday life. In fact, Aviva is the largest provider of pensions and life products in the United Kingdom. Now, let’s take about their OVER 50 Life Insurance.


Aviva’s Over 50 Life Insurance is sometimes called as the “Guaranteed Lifelong Protection Plan”. How does this work? This life insurance plan will be responsible for paying out the full sum assured if you die after the plan has been active or in force just for 12 months. If you died because of an accident after the first 12 months, the sum assured amount they will pay will be doubled. Sounds good? However, keep in mind that if you die – NOT because of an accident, you won’t be covered by the company. Instead the premiums you have already paid to them will be refunded to your estate. But, generally Aviva Over 50 is a good choice and here are some reasons why.

  • The company will pay you a guaranteed cash sum when you die
  • If you live in the United Kingdom and is aged 50 to 80, your application will be accepted. There are some companies who refused to insured people who are already over the age of 50 because the risk is higher.  But with Aviva, your acceptance is guaranteed.
  • Your premiums will stay between 7 to 50 Pounds a month. It won’t increased more than 50 Pounds.
  • You will be immediately covered if you die from an accident after the first 12 months, and the cash sum paid will be doubled. Note: AFTER the first 12 months.
  • Payment will stop when you reach the age of 90 years and you will be covered until you die. BUT if you stopped paying before you hit the age of 90 years old, your life cover would stop and no money will be paid out when you die.
  • No medical or health checks required.
  • You will be able to get multiple plans as long as your monthly premium is not more than 100 Pounds in total for all your plans.



If you die because of an accident within the first year or within the first 12 months, the company will pay the life insurance amount.

If you die within the first 12 months – NOT BECAUSE OF AN ACCIDENT – you are not covered. The premiums you paid will be refunded to your estate.

If you die  in an accident on the anniversary of your insurance or after the first 12 months, the company will pay the double amount of the life insurance.

If you die from other causes on or after your first 12 months, the company will pay you the life insurance amount.


What do you think? Are you interested in getting a Over 50 Life Insurance from Aviva? It is certainly a name that you can trust.


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