Let us read some Aviva Life Insurance Reviews. By doing so, we can get to know a life insurance company more and somehow get an idea on how they deal with their customers. Don’t let a single good or bad review seal the deal for you though! Keep an open mind! If you have any questions, you can send us a message or talk to Aviva’s customer service at 1800-103-7766! Here are some reviews from their customers!


“I have life, car and house insurance with Aviva. I am very happy with their services and competitive pricing and also their speed of response to queries when contacting them about anything. Company is very professional and I am glad to be their customer. I would definitely recommend Aviva to everyone.” — ANTON KUCHAR


“I am sure looking at other reviews, I do believe they are spurious at best. An Aviva client went through our fence, December 6th, 2014 thankfully no one was outside at the time as they would have been seriously injured. We were asked to get two competitive quotes (fair enough!) we have been lied to (again today) with promised payment (work has been carried out which we have pud for ourselves). They wrote to us some weeks ago, after work which they had authorised to ask if we should share the cost. You can only imagine my response. They have today told me after telling me 2.5 weeks ago that a cheque is in the post that it could be authorised as they needed to get their customers admittance of guilt. Again fobbed off.

If anyone tells me they are with this company in any kind of accident they will be seriously out of pocket and I will take them to the claims court. I will not deal with them again, ever. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.” — SC


“I did my policy on line – but did contact customer service prior to my application – they were most helpful, polite and knowledgeful” — Galaxy5775


“This was an easy policy to purchase on line – many other insurers insist on a phone call. I didn’t feel under any pressure to purchase additional cover although it was available. It was quick and pain free, although a little pricey” — TREEHOUSE¬†

“Staff member on the phone was easy to talk through, explained things very clearly and was not pushy about a sale, they had customers best interest at heart which doesn’t happen in s lot of places. Excellent service that I would use again.” – GAV72

“Knowledge of some customer service advisors appears to be low resulting in a lot of wasted time and effort regarding a small claim for a mobile phone. Premium also went up extortionately after claim.” — ADAM SMITH

“I was very happy with how quick & easy it was to get insured. The paperwork arrived shortly after the start date & there was no problems at all. Very efficient.” — AMYG

“Avoid at all costs. Had a Whole Life assurance with them in excess of twenty years. That was my biggest mistake, I should have canceled when they took over Norwich Union.” — JOHN

“Easy to set up Life Insurance on-line and my quearies were dealt with very quick when I rang them” — LJJ2012

“To be honest i still can’t review this insurance because i don’t know if i finaly have it or not. Couple months back i was told you were waiting for the doctors records. but i had to call myself to find out. No one contact me to inform me how my application is being processed and i still don’t know if everything is finalized and if im insured or not. No one informs me about anything.” — MALE

What do you think of Aviva after reading all those reviews? It’s a bit confusing isn’t it? Would you still be getting a life insurance at Aviva? Personally, I think they are a great company, but the decision is yours.

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