The largest life insurance company in the United Kingdom – Aviva Life Insurance Company – has invaded the state of New York. You can find their office at 324 South Service Road, Suite 200, Melville NY. The ZIP code is 11747. The Aviva company was confident enough to spread their influence from UK to America. They have been serving their UK customers for over 300 years that they felt that it was time to bring their insurance experience to the UK market. Today, Aviva has nearly a million customers in the United States. For sure, Aviva is a company that you can count on to put you first. You can call them at 800-252-4467!


On October 2, 2013, Athene Holding Ltd managed to acquire Aviva USA Corporation and it’s subsidiaries which includes the Iowa-domiciled Aviva Life and Annuity Compnay and also the one in New York- domiciled Aviva Life and Annuity Company of New York. Before Athene took it. Aviva Life and Annuity Company of New York operated as a financial service company that offered insurance and financial products. But even before it was known as the Aviva life, it was known as the Bankers Life Insurance Company Of New York. As I said, it has been purchased by Athene so let’s take a look at what they are offering now.


Athene Holding LTD is a company that is being driven to do more and is never satisfied with the status quo. They believe in drive, discipline, confidence, focus, and commitment. Unlike Aviva, they are mostly focused on retirement savings products. Their goal is to be the best – not the biggest – when it comes to being a retirement savings company. But actually it was Global Atlantic who managed to take Aviva’s life insurance business out and relaunch it as Accordia Life. Now it is based in Des Moines Iowa, Accordia Life aims to be successful by delivering competitive life insurance solutions through it’s network of seasoned distribution partners and life insurance professionals. The group was led by Mike Miller.


Accordia Life overs a wide variety of products to choose from like indexed universal life, universal life and term insurance all over the United States. Let us talk more about each of them.

  • INDEXED UNIVERSAL LIFEThis insurance plan will function like other universal life policies through the provision of a death benefit and a potential for cash accumulation. With this, you will be able to successfully protect loved ones, supplement retirement income, and help leave money to your children and grandchildren. The different of this plan with the normal universal life is the way the interest is calculated and when it is credited to your policy.

    You will also be getting tax deferral benefits, a guaranteed minimum interest rate, and a fixed rate crediting option.

  • UNIVERSAL LIFEThis life insurance plan can help you protect your loved ones, plan for your future, and leave a lasting legacy for your family. Your family will be receiving a tax-free income and death benefits. This will happen when you die. However, while you are still alive, you have the option to access the cash.

    You will have a permanent protection that doesn’t expire. You will also enjoy flexible premium payment options and flexible payout options to beneficiaries. This is great for transferring wealth to loved ones. It builds cash value that you can access for your lifetime needs. There is also a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

  • TERM LIFEThis will be able to provide a affordable coverage for an agreed period of time. It’s primary purpose would be to replace the income or help payoff an outstanding dept if the insured dies within the agreed period of time.

    Your family will receive maximum benefit for a level premium that is guaranteed for a stated time period. The benefit proceeds can be used for needs that includes loss of income, debts, and funeral expenses. This is a cost effective solution for individuals who cannot afford a permanent insurance.


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