There are different kinds of reviews that you will find on the internet about Amica Auto Insurance or any insurance company for that matter. In this page, you will find good and bad reviews of customers about Amica. My advice is that you keep an open mind as you read through it because what could be good for others, may not be good for you, and just as what could be bad service for other people could be great service for you.

Here are some good reviews that you should read:

“Very customer oriented. Always helpful. Have saved me money by combining my homeowner’s with car. When car was damaged, quick and helpful response, quick payment, paid rental.” 

“They aren’t the cheapest car insurance around, but boy do they take care of you in a claim situation. Pay quickly and handle all the details for you.”

“They have been excellent in helping me in certain cases. They have been generous. Their phone reps listen to my comments and act on them. I had several meetings with an Amica adjustor and attorney. They paid ALMOST the entire amount of my totalled Camry. It was brand new. They kept in contact with me during the situation, I am very impressed with their help. And I continue to use them. Because all of my policies are with AMICA it was hard for me to see how much they raised my premiums, but I felt they had done a terrific job.”

“Customer driven in developing individual insurance coverage. Very helpful in reviewing my personal needs while balancing my desires with available insurance options. Staff, either online or over the phone, are good listeners and will present options to consider based on my expressed needs. Competitive pricing with end of year dividends to policyholders. Good to do business with.”

And because there are two sides to a coin, here are some reviews from unsatisfied customers:

“I signed up with Amica last year. My husband & I have perfect driving records. After paying for several months, to the tune of $224 per month, I started to check into different companies. (What can I say – I’m an idiot!) I immediately cancelled my coverage with Amica and signed up with GEICO. I had the same coverage and the premium was $299 FOR SIX MONTHS!!! There has to be something wrong with this picture and the extraordinary rates that Amica gets away with.” 

“Amica’s insured ran a stop sign on Nov. 2, 2014 – they received a ticket. A month later, they will not return my calls, have not fixed my truck and still I call, ask when my truck can be fixed. I told them they were forcing me to sue the driver, they said do what I have to do. I’m starting that today. They do not stand behind the insured, be careful.”

“We have extra high coverage in case of an emergency. We have always wanted to be protected. We have perfect driving records and haven’t been in any accidents that were our fault. Well my wife was hit on the driver’s front side as she was in a thruway which caused two torn discs in her back. Amica who is our insurance company not only is denying medical payments but is also denying copays. I don’t understand. You buy insurance to make sure you’re covered in case you’re injured but when you are, they refuse to stand by you. We will be switching to a new insurance company real soon! Stay away from Amica!!”

Reading different reviews from different people can be confusing and result to you delaying your decision even more. As I always say, the only one who can feel if a certain company is for them is you. Be watchful! Be alert! And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t allow yourself to be sweet talked into something that you don’t really want to get into.

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