Interested in wanting to know more about Amica Auto Insurance Claims? But first, let us understand what an insurance claim is. An insurance claim is a formal request to an insurance company that is asking for a payment that is based on the terms of the insurance policy. After filing an insurance claim, the company will review it for validity and then pay it out to the insured or to the requesting party once it is approved. For example, you signed up for a Property Damage Liability with Amica. One day, you get into a car accident and you need them to cover for the expenses of the accident. You wrecked someone’s car and gate. You have a car insurance so you don’t take money out of your own pocket to settle the expenses, instead you will file a claim to your insurance company which is Amica, for example.

Many people say that you will know how dependable a company is with the way and speed that they respond to claims, so here are a couple of reviews from people who are either satisfied or unsatisfied with how Amica responded to them.

“It’s a terrific company and I have NEVER had a complaint. When I have had a claim, the process was quick efficient and pleasant.”

“THE BEST. I have had them for over 15 years. I was in an accident when a woman was on a cell phone and hit me from behind. They couldn’t have been more helpful from the minute I called until every claim was paid.”

“My mother, a senior, has the towing and labor coverage so when she got a flat tire and called them in Connecticut on a highway, she expected to be towed within 30 minutes to her car place. Well, they told her 45 minutes but didn’t show so she called back. They connected her with the truck operator and apparently he was sent to a completely incorrect address 30 miles away! She again verified her location, and they promised a truck would come. After another hour, no truck. Called them again, and said they again went to a wrong location. She had to call someone to come get her so she could use the bathroom as she has a medical condition as well!! They didn’t arrive for 3.5 hours and fortunately it wasn’t in 2 feet of snow! I am so angry at Amica’s customer (lack of) service department and their towing service. They offered NO compensation whatsoever! Steer clear of this one!”

“They do not give you (the accident victim) a fair value for your car in an accident to help, not even after fighting for the value on your vehicle, since you get no better than half of its actual value. I am sure policy holders have more of an issue if they were in an accident, depending on the policy. I cannot speak to the flexibility. Customer service, they get back to you quickly, and they do not waste time…almost too fast. No sooner than your car is in the garage has Amica already collected it before the week is out…before you have even signed over the title. Nearly highway robbery. Sketchy company. Sorry, when you have not handed them the title, it gives them NO right to already collect your vehicle, because by law…is that not theft since they have no title? Just saying.”

What do you think? Despite the surprising reviews, the company get a customer satisfaction rating with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Why don’t you have a talk with someone from Amica and see for yourself? Sometimes what works for another person might not work for you.

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