Want to read some of the reviews for Allstate Auto Insurance? That’s a great move! Before making that big decision of signing up with a specific company, we should check out what other people think of the company and how their experience was. This allows us to have a little insight on how the company is really handling all the claims that is being filed to them. And having the internet now makes it so easy to find reviews about a company so here are some reviews I’ve found online.



“They are great. They are very helpful and kind. They are always ready to help and answer any questions I might have. I’ve never had a need for it, but I’m sure if I need them they would be there. They call me to check for updates to see if my insurance needs to change. I have had this insurance since I first started driving… I never had a reason to change or look for cheaper companies. I will stay with them because they do care.” — Hope of East Brunswick


“I was hit by another car while sitting at a red light. I called Allstate an hour after the accident, they took all the information, etc., and SEEMED like they were going to help. They advised I go to a doctor, which I did the next day. When I finally spoke to someone they recommended I get an estimate on my car. I didn’t hear from my adjuster for an entire week after the accident. Well, two weeks later they have yet to send someone to do an estimate on my car, my adjuster won’t return any of my calls, I haven’t heard a peep from them and they are overall pretty useless. I’m so disappointed with their service and DO NOT recommend them. 15 years ago I was insured by AAA. I got rear ended by a man and AAA picked up my car the NEXT DAY to have it repaired. Everything was settled very quickly. Don’t waste your time on Allstate.” — Suzanne of San Diego


“I was stopped and this young kid was texting and driving rear-ended me. I was injured. With shoulder and neck injuries the at-fault driver had no ins, but I took uninsured motorist with Allstate and had to pursue for damages and now Allstate is using bullying and mental tactics towards me. As a paying client I’ve never seeing anything like this. I will also be pursuing the inspector general and attorney general within the state and ins board in Washington so they should do a full internal audit on all Allstate agents and CEO, Mr. Thomas Wilson, this is a clear case of extortion. Let’s let the feds handle it. I hope the CEO sees I’m coming and won’t stop until there’s justice. And you never really know who is in front of you who has the proper people to contact to make things right.” – Timothy of Orlando


“The agent we use is very helpful and understanding in our needs and stays in contact with us but not to the point to where she is bothersome and we are very pleased with the rates and coverage we receive and most of all the customer service.” — Angela of San Jose


“Happy with customer services. They are very helpful. Company is original and very family oriented. The staff has knowledge of automobiles, top rates for all ages. They can inform you of terms in layman’s words.” — Roshall of Chicago


However, it would also be best that you keep an open mind as you read different reviews because it could have been an isolated case or just pure bad luck. I do hope that you won’t encounter anything stressing once you sign up for Allstate.


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