I believe that another way to get to know a company more would be to read up on some customer reviews so this morning, we will be reading some AARP Life Insurance Reviews. It is true that experience is the greatest teacher of all, but it doesn’t have to be your experience. You can read the reviews and learn from them or get a sneak peak on how AARP treats their customers. Keep an open mind! Don’t let one bad review or one good review make the decision for you. Weight things!


Here are the reviews:


“Enjoy how informative AARP is via email and text messages. Their financial department is mistake free and payments are steady to match the policy. AARP is unique in that the senior citizens enjoy their complimentary rewards… such as discounts and cutbacks. I will continue to be a lifelong member also because their customer relation is geared towards quality service vs quantity.” — Timothy of Jacksonville

“I was in the insurance in March of 2006. Got cancelled the next month, they had me paying on a canceled policy. They took out another policy claim that I sign which I didn’t. They never sent me any information saying I or my son was canceled and etc.” – Bobby of Durant

“My grandmother passed away 6/26/2015. She has been dealing with AARP-NY Life for 3 years. As of 5/15/2015 she has been in and out the hospital due to becoming very ill. Therefore she was not able to make payments. My mom called this company to try to get everything situated and they said my grandmother’s insurance has lapsed. Being as though my mom is her beneficiary she offered to pay so it will be reinstated. No luck! Terrible service and terrible customer service. Total balance due was just $40. Now they want to search for medical records.

Meanwhile my grandmother has not been set up for her proper burial. Ten days is not acceptable for them to review her claim. From what I am getting from AARP-NY Life is that they don’t care about the customers. They don’t care what happens to loved ones after the passing of their customers. If I could put no stars I would! I will not recommend this company to anyone who needs life insurance. Matter of fact anyone I come across will know of the suffering that AARP-NY Life has put us through.” – Takira of Cockeysville

“My father passed away on 8/2014 – A week after him being buried the family filed a claim to collect on his burial life policy. After numerous calls requesting status of our claim, their claims dept seem to never receive any paperwork faxed. After numerous tries of getting them the documents we started having the doctor’s office and funeral fax them over… Still nothing, never received. It’s now 1/23/2015 and no payout, same excuse. Final call went into today. If nothing happens, I’m hiring an attorney. Please please do not USE AARP for anything. Horrible people.” – Dan of South Elgin


“My husband and I applied for a $7,500 life insurance policy through AARP w/ NY Life. It is a no questions asked, no physical and guaranteed acceptance policy. I am 54 years old and my husband is 62. They processed and sent me my certificate of insurance but did not process my husband’s. I called to ask about this and they told me that they are going to take at least another 30-45 days to process his! I am wondering why they are doing this because I submitted one application with the both of us on it. Seems to me that we should have been processed and approved at the same time.” – Terri of Scranton

After reading that, how do you feel about AARP now?


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