Looking for some honest AAA Auto Insurance Reviews? Look no further for we have gather some of the customer reviews that you must take time to read before signing on with AAA. It is important to know how an insurance company really operates, and what better way to know than to be aware of the different experiences of those who are already signed up with them. Here are some reviews:




“Before choosing AAA I was in an accident in which the other driver was at fault and had AAA and I was VERY impressed with the customer service. Also I misplaced my cards and they were replaced for me at the same visit.”

“I am mostly very happy with it. My only quibble is that I cannot seem to get them to stop sending me paper billing statements even though I pay the monthly premium electronically. This is a waste of resources, and I have asked repeatedly that they stop it, but the reply I receive is that “This is our policy.” I find that unacceptable.”

“Too many ongoing changes to the policy premium without prior notification and increase in premium. To pay over time they even charge interest, Farmers Insurance didn’t do that.”

“Responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, particularly the DMV desk that is so efficient, quick and near to my home. DMV transactions are actually enjoyable. Can’t say that when going to a DMV office.”

“They have always been a great company to work with. I have had claims with them and they have always been handled quickly and easily. I didn’t really have to do much after the initial call…no hassle.”

“Road Service. One call much more than repays the annual dues. It’s by far the best “Insurance” policy money can buy.”

“They are good at processing a claim you get work done on auto quickly, if need a rent a car easy to do, roadside service good come out quickly day or night.”

“Actually, the phone reps do a good job. We had a glass claim last month, and before the 24 hours were up, the glass was repaired. The local rep is lousy. I don’s call him anymore, he is worthless. I wanted to add a car and he ignored my calls.”

“Excellent. They handle claims extremely well and promptly, thereby encouraging confidence that AAA actually believes in the concept of insurance rather than simply considering it just another way to collect payments so they can make money ( and increase my payments in the event I ever actually need. Something in return!”

“Going to the local AAA office to handle DMV needs is so much better than tackling the DMV office. I appreciate the information available to assist with travel needs. I like the idea of having auto and home insurance needs covered by one company.”

“Moderately good. Easy to contact with concerns and claims. Not so great with different claim payment made by AAA depending on whether claimant uses an AAA “approved” vs. a non-AAA “approved” auto shop for repairs done following accident.”

“Except for price (All Ins is Pricey) AAA has provided Excellent service at all times. We have had them for over 45 years and when we had an accident in 1995 they were there for us all the way.”

“I have been a AAA member for many years and a policy holder for a few. I couldn‘t be happier with both departments”

“It is reliable and representatives are pretty nice and efficient. There are many offices you can go to in person and you get good customer service.”


After having read all of that, what do you think of AAA? Would you be willing to sign up with them? In the end of course, it all goes back to how you feel about the company. If you feel like it isn’t the company for you, then let us help find you some other one. However, most of the reviews about the AAA company are very good so you may want to serious consider them as one of your options when it comes to auto insurance. You’d want a company to be looking out for you and is dependable in times of need, AAA seems like it is doing it’s job.

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